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10 Ways of Frugal Living to Save Money in 2021

  • January 7, 2021

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10 Ways of Frugal Living to Save Money in 2021

Want some tips on frugal living to save money?

Let's face it: 2020 has been a challenging and uncertain year.

We all learned that a financial crisis could hit anytime if our finances are not planned properly. The pandemic is having an intense effect on household finances across the globe. A lot of people have been laid off or required to accept reduced hours on the job.

Living frugally is more paramount now than it has ever been in most of our lives. Frugal living is merely being cautious with your expenses and prioritizing spending on essential things. This does make an individual cheapskate, but makes them resourceful and living within means. Those who live a frugal lifestyle spend their money wisely.

In 2021, we should all implement a few frugal living methods, never to find ourselves in a tight monetary situation.

Meal Planning 

Meal planning always works. If you know how much groceries you will need, you can purchase them in bulk to avail of reasonable offers. Planning ahead of time allows you to make optimum use of the current pantry inventory and keeps track of your family's favorite meals. This will also allow you to maintain and stick to a budget-friendly grocery list required to prepare the meals.

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Learn how to cook 

The pandemic compelled a lot of people to enter the kitchen and make their meals. This is a great habit to carry forward as it reduces eating out or ordering takeaways. By learning to cook, you can save a significant amount of money. If you wish to advance this, you may opt for a plant-based diet for health and frugality.

Make a budget

Having a planned budget is one of the most successful and oldest financial advice. A real budget prepares you for what is left after spending your income on fixed expenses such as utilities, mortgage, insurance, etc. Quarantine living has made a lot of individuals shop online, and orders frequent takeouts. A great way to avoid these expenses is by deleting the apps from your phone.

Build an emergency fund

It is safe to say that the world is uncertain and will continue to be like that. We need to secure ourselves in case of a crisis. A percentage of funds set aside each month for an emergency fund can come in handy. A small loan online is a better option for a normal purchase than using up your crisis fund.

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Buy used products 

The market is cluttered with places to buy used products like phones, vehicles, gadgets, etc. There are bright chances of someone's trying to sell the thing you're looking for, and they'll be doing it at a good deal and a lower price as compared to the cost of getting a new one.

Live minimally 

Make an exhaustive list of items you possess but don't need and start selling them online or in thrift stores. This will help you live a minimalistic lifestyle, excellent for mental health and the wallet.

Once you start to downsize, you will realize how much you save and avoid spending money on useless things.

No cost Entertainment 

Seek out entertainment for no cost in your community. Your library, neighborhood park, or community center will have plenty of free events listed for everyone. Other free entertainment ideas include:

  • Go on a hike
  • Volunteer work
  • Go for a picnic
  • Stargaze

Get rid of cable 

If you have subscribed to online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and all, you don't need a cable connection. It is better to disconnect the cable connection and save the monthly installment money.

Shop in the holiday season 

Most retailers offer massive discounts during Christmas, Black Friday, etc. If you plan to buy high things that are expensive on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, research well in advance on the best deal around or if you can make do with a cheaper alternative.

Avoid impulse buying 

It is not surprising that a considerable amount of expenses is spent on impulsive purchases. As a solution, always have a list of items you will buy and always stick to the plan. Also, consider what triggers your impulsive buying behavior.

Conclusion: Frugal Living to Save Money

Living frugally doesn't mean living in discomfort or difficulty and saving the entire income. It is more about using money resourcefully and spending on what is essential. The COVID crisis has been great for learning and for embracing a frugal lifestyle. A frugal lifestyle can help you safeguard money effortlessly and manifest healthy and positive life changes.

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