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2020 Stamped Concrete Cost in Denver, CO

  • July 29, 2020

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The cost of stamped concrete projects for areas of your home such as driveways, walkways and pool decks depends on the materials and the labour of your local stamped concrete contractors. The complexity of the project is also a factor to consider when it comes to stamped concrete cost. will discuss the 2020 stamped concrete cost in Denver, CO, for you to be guided with your stamped concrete projects.  

Stamped Concrete Cost

The average cost of stamped concrete is categorized into three parts. It ranges from basic, mid, and high-end. 


  • Basic


Basic stamped concrete cost around $7-12 per square foot, it features one stamped pattern and color. 


  • Mid-range


Mid-range costs $10-15 per square foot, it comes with borders, with contrasting patterns and multi-coloured finish. 


  • High-end


High-end stamped concrete finishes cost $17+ for every square foot. The finishes come with several patterns and colors, special designs and detailed coloring.   

The cost of stamped concrete costs varies by the size of the area, location, labor and materials. If you want to start your stamped concrete project and give your walkways, patio or driveways a new look, contact a certified stamped concrete contractor like Denver concrete artisans. 

Stamped Concrete Patio  

The average size of a patio area is 168 square feet or 12’ x 14’. With the size of the areas, the estimate costs start with the following:   

Basic Cost: $1,350

Mid-Range Cost: $2,100

High-End Cost: $3,150

For a more detailed estimate, you can contact your stamped concrete contractor to know what you expect to pay. 

Stamped Concrete Driveway 

The average driveway measurement for two cars in the U.S 640 square feet. Stamped concrete driveway cost is dependent on the details you want to apply on the surface. The cost ranges from: 

  • Basic: $5,100
  • Mid-Range: $7, 650
  • High-End: $11,500

Stamped Concrete Walkway

The average cost for walkways ranges from $5 - $11 per square foot, the cost can increase depending on the details you want to add on the surface. Given that walkways vary when it comes to the size of the area, the total cost may increase or even decrease. Contractors may increase their labor costs for small projects, some may have fixed rates. Before hiring a contractor for your stamped concrete walkways projects, it is important to know their pricing, carefully read the contract before starting the project.   

Stamped Concrete VS. Paving Materials Cost

Stamped concrete may be expensive than plain concrete or asphalt, but this option is more affordable than natural stone installation such as bricks, flagstones or pavers. One of the reasons why natural stones are more expensive because most contractors find it difficult to install paving materials compared to pouring concrete and stamping the natural stone-like patterns. 

The initial outlay of the stamped concrete project is also included in the total cost. Some important factors you need to consider for concrete installation include:

  • Easy upkeeping and long-lasting 

Compared to other materials used for driveway, patio and walkways flooring area. Stamped concrete last long, and it is easy to clean and maintain, which helps save money over time.  

  • Increase property value

Ever wonder if installing stamped concrete would be worth it for your property? It is absolutely worth the investment because it would help in increasing your property value by enhancing the aesthetic appeal and function of the area.