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3 Creative Tasks to Complete Before You Open Your Business

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3 Creative Tasks to Complete Before You Open Your Business

When you're developing your business plan, you get caught up in the details of applying for permits, holding interviews, contracting with vendors, and finding clients. It's easy to become overwhelmed, bored, and curious as to why you thought opening a business was a good idea. To restore your enthusiasm and get your creative juices flowing, take a break with one of these projects.

Choose a Marketing Agency

Find a marketing agency that shares your mission statement and cares about its clients. You can use an online company such as if you do not live close to a good marketing agency. Prepare for your first meeting by drafting ideas for your logo, writing your mission statement, and taking pictures of your product prototypes.

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Pick Your Name

Perhaps you've already chosen a name, or perhaps you're stuck on options that sound cheesy or boring. List all the components of your business, including your products, location, customers, and values, as well as your personal history. Then, try grouping different words into fun combinations. Look out for puns, alliteration, and jokes, as these help customers to remember your business's name. Keep the name short, no more than a few words long, and watch out for names that result in vulgar acronyms. Say the name out loud and ask close family members or friends for feedback before making your final decision.

Explore Your Decor Options

If you're not starting a brick-and-mortar store right away, this step can wait, but if you're preparing for a grand opening, spend some time developing your store's aesthetic. Remember, you don't need to buy everything new when you're operating on a tight budget. After all, no one will ever know that you repainted bookshelves from the local thrift store or repurposed your college desk to hold your cash register. Examine your location and find the best ways to make use of your space. For example, if you have just one small room, buy lots of shelving and put your checkout at the back to maximize shopping space. If you have a warehouse, look into designing elaborate displays of your new products. Keep the decorations and color scheme in harmony with your logo and mission statement to create a uniform appearance across your entire brand.

You're a creative person, or you wouldn't have been able to think up your business plan. Put that imagination to work on these fun but essential projects.

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    To mitigate risks, outline a small business plan, what products or services will be, to whom you will sell, and what competitive advantages you have. And start a better business in the area in which you understand or in which you have experience.

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