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3 Effective Ways To Protect Your Business Premises

  • October 19, 2020

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Protect Your Business Premises 

“When it comes to security, you can’t afford to be complacent.”

Being a business owner comes with a lot of responsibilities, despite the concerns of ups and downs.  Some of the bad things that happen to business don't give an invitation in advance, just like COVID-19 or other natural disasters.

Introduction: How to protect your business

Receiving a call to find out your premises have been breached is the worst nightmare for anyone. For businesses that have their own commercial properties, taking strong security measures should be their first priority.

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Burglary, theft, vandalism and unauthorised entry are some of the most common crimes, which could mean disaster for your business. Also, failing to take precautions for natural calamities such as floods, fire, or storms,  can also cause a lot of damage to your company premises.

No matter what size or a kind of business you are, if you didn’t take appropriate security measures to protect your company premises, the effects can be devastating. As the crimes have been rising against business, companies need to assure that they are taking important steps to avoid being targeted and prevent heavy losses.

In this post, we’ll look at the effective ways you can consider to protect your commercial property and minimize the risks.

Hire a specialist security firm

Most burglaries happen pre planned, burglars look for opportunistic moments and try to take advantage. For example, if they find there are no guards around the property, or they come across an unlocked window.

Regardless of any case, investing in a good mobile security guard service would be cost effective in the long run. Security patrol services focus on monitoring the entire commercial property. A team of mobile patrol security guards and officers perform security and safety checks around your premises at night or 24/7.

Many mobile patrol services also offer key holding services for business protection. It is because, when an unfortunate incident occurs at the premises, these mobile patrol services need keys right away to gain access to company premises and prevent any crime before it happens.

When any alarms act, the employee needn’t come to premises to give the key to the guards. These services require you to keep a spare key of your business premises in their safe until the primary key is lost, being misplaced or needed for other security purposes.

Invest in good security system for inside premises

Surveillance security systems are found to be helpful in reducing the chances of burglary at commercial or other home properties.

These visual security system includes:

  • CCTV system: You can invest in the latest CCTV systems that can be connected with alarms to monitor any suspicious activity carried out inside and outside the premises. On site security guards can get notified through video recording systems.
  • Intruder or special security alarm: Install them at prominent areas such as windows and doors, both inside and outside of the property. So, if any unauthorized activity occurs, it alerts security officers in that area.

As your business expands, you also have to keep monitoring and examining the security measures you are taking and make changes accordingly in your current security system

Data security

Do you know that small businesses are at the most risk of being targeted by cyber attacks? Unlike larger businesses, new or small businesses often use weak security measures to safeguard their data, which makes them easier targets to these data breaches. They are also unaware of procedures that go into making a data security system. One of the ways to do that is hiring an IT security specialist and keep updating current security systems.

Here are some steps to ensure safety of the company data:

  • Always take back up
  • Use an anti-malware software
  • Use strong and safe passwords
  • Give training to your employees on the cyber security practices and security protocols.
  • Take online training teaching how to protect online businesses
  • Install firewalls on all networks that are being used for your company activities. 

Conclusion: Protect your business

In a nutshell, running a business is just not confined to just profits and losses. When you are running a business, being complacent about security is the last thing you can imagine. Security measures are paramount in any business. Hopefully, these essential tips will help your company to prevent major losses and disaster due to crimes and cyber attacks.