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3 Issues That Can Affect Your Career Path

  • December 11, 2018

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3 Issues That Can Affect Your Career Path

What does your career path look like? Today's contributed post addresses 3 issues you need to know.


We all hope to find some degree of success in our lives. Some might find it working in an animal sanctuary, trying our hardest to do some good for disaffected animals in our area. Some might find success to be riding the crest of the wave in Wall Street, while others simply hope to make it at least five years running their own business.

As we progress towards our chosen successful scenario, we often begin to realize that success isn’t an end result, but often a journey. You might not make the super big bucks, but if you can support yourself well doing something you’re interested in - that’s a measure of success.

Your Career Path

However, it’s essential to think that just because we want a chosen career path, it doesn’t necessarily mean we are entitled to actually live with it. This can be a bitter pill to swallow for some people, and that’s not exactly hard to imagine why.

Sometimes in order to move forward we need to change ourselves, to outfit ourselves correctly for the path we have chosen. Of course, the first responsibility we have to ourselves is to figure out what path we hope to take.

For some this is blindingly obvious, but for others it can take years of experimenting before we realize what we want. It might be you have the potential to be the best touring drummer in the world, but if you didn’t find an interest in doing so, you may never find that out or put those skills into practice.

Finding what you love is a good metric. From there, we need to understand how to progress in our personal selves. If you’re hoping to adapt well to a career choice, you’re stagnant in a path you’re already on, or you’re simply looking for something to take you to the next level - consider our advice for the best results.

Ill-Preserving Your Mind & Body

It’s essential to preserve your mind and body if you hope to apply yourself to something worthwhile. This not only means you’re going to squeeze the best performance out of yourself, but that you’ll be able to function well from day to day.

Burnout is a common occurrence for many that tend to work extremely hard but fail to adapt their personal time in such a way that constitutes recovery. Consider your career path like a daily gym session. If you return to the gym without resting your muscles, you’re going to feel exhausted and have a hard time hitting your goals.

It might be a lack of sleep, too many hours, or a terrible diet that contributes to how bad you feel. It could be the personal conflicts in your life that could really be worthwhile to limit or prevent in future, perhaps by finding a healthier circle. However, these could be considered quite obvious difficulties to remedy. You can easily identify them. There are others to take into account.

The real issues are those that occur in stealth, that we may not even label as issues even when they’re affecting us. For example, it might be that marijuana was made legal in your state, and since you’ve been partaking in order to relax after work.

Seems reasonable.

But even with statistically low levels of addictions, it’s not uncommon for substances like this to affect your mental state. Your mental state is one of your greatest assets to steward at work. If you find yourself feeling sluggish or even turn up to work under the influence, you might find yourself justifying that.

This can be dreadfully worrying. It might be worth researching this detox plan, or perhaps finding new habits to relax you. This is one very small consideration among many, but it shows that preserving your mind and body is essential to do if you hope to apply it to a career, as we all only have one of both of these assets, and they’re best applied with care.

Lacking Lifelong Learning

It can be essential to commit yourself to lifelong learning through and through. Keeping in touch with the competence foundation that led you to the career path can help you continually fall in love with its depth.

As you begin to gain more and more understanding, you’ll realize the art of mastery, and just how much more you have to learn. Lifelong learning in and around the areas you are most fascinated by will also function as a means of directing you down new paths. You might find specialisms this way, a new career path you would deeply enjoy, or perhaps the creative solution to a persistent problem.

If you fail to engage with any of this, you lose out on all of it. We needn’t explain further.

Rejecting Opportunity For Pride

When we finally decide upon what career path we might like to take part in, and perhaps when we’re a few years deep into that affair, it’s easy to stay too tightly bound to the career path we have planned out for ourselves.

We likely have a vision for our future in which we feel completely bound, and that can limit flexibility. While this might help you push towards a targeted goal, it can also prevent you from seizing opportunity when required.

This opportunity, although maybe parallel to that you’re hoping to achieve, could potentially help you more than you know. It could accelerate your position, help you network, or give you the tools to come back to your normal career duties with enhanced learning.

Rejecting opportunity for pride is perhaps one of the most short-sighted things you can do in some contexts. Be sure to research said opportunity deeply of course, and a rejection isn’t always an inappropriate thing to consider. But with the willingness to seize anything worthwhile in your way, you might find yourself armed with an additional set of competence that you weren’t expecting, and sometimes that can be invaluable.

With these simple tidbits of advice, you should resolve the main issues that can affect anyone’s career path.