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3 Personality Traits That Benefit an Accounting Career

  • March 9, 2022

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3 Personality Traits That Benefit an Accounting Career

Feel successful in your career of choice and choose one that matches your personality traits well. Read about three personality traits that benefit an accounting career.


If you are detail-oriented, an accounting career may serve you well. This career will push you to look at numbers very closely. The more detailed you are, the quicker you will spot any issues before they become a larger problem. You can’t afford to miss the small things in this career. High accuracy and consistency will help you to excel.

Opportunities to further your education in this career path are a huge benefit. In turn, the door can open to different career paths for accounting professionals. However, only the most detail-oriented people will excel in their continued educational accounting pursuits.

Strong Communication

Communication is a key ingredient to every successful accountant. It’s up to you to educate your clients on the jargon that comes with the accounting territory. Don’t leave clients feeling confused or overwhelmed. Learn each client’s learning style and communicate with them in that way. This will educate them and build trust between the two of you.

Regardless of a client’s communication style, transfer your verbal conversations into a written form. After introducing jargon to your clients, they may walk away with a well-rounded big picture but still forget the specifics. Create a professional outline of your conversation. You can send this to them via email or as a paper handout.

Then, you can refer them to this handout in future conversations. It will save you both time so that you don’t have to reteach or recommunicate accounting lingo. Communication in a healthy business relationship is the key to success.


There may be a stigma that as an accountant, you’ll be working behind a computer all day. Although a large part of this occupation involves technology and number crunching, being people-oriented is still an immensely important part of the job. A good accountant will be in regular contact with their clients.

Learn your client’s priorities and touch bases with them to ensure these priorities have not changed over time. Your clients will catch on if you seem enthused or not to help them. Establish trust with them through your enthusiasm and joy to help.

There is also a unique opportunity to encourage them in their endeavors toward their goals. Very few people will see this specific side of their business. Honor this role and encourage them in ways that others can’t.

Keep these three personality traits that benefit an accounting career in mind. If you are detail-oriented, a strong communicator, and a people-person, accounting may be a great choice for you. Enjoy this rewarding career and the success you will find in it.