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3 Questions to Ask Yourself After Losing Your Job

  • October 11, 2022

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself After Losing Your Job

Anyone that’s ever lost a job will know just how stressful it is- to go from having a regular and reliable source of income to nothing at all is incredibly worrying. Whether you have a family relying on you or not, more than likely you still have bills to pay, a vehicle to run and the need to feed and clothe yourself. 

There are lots of reasons you might find yourself without a job. Perhaps the company you were working for went bust, or could no longer afford to keep you on as an employee. Maybe you were fired for some kind of misconduct, or you might have been doing temp work for many years but suddenly the company was unable or unwilling to keep you on. You might have developed a health issue or had an injury which meant you could no longer continue your job. Whatever the situation, if you find yourself without any employment, here are 3 questions to ask yourself. 

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Are you entitled to any money?

What are the reasons you had to leave your job? If it’s because you were injured at work and it wasn't your fault then the company should provide you with compensation. You can find places with discount attorney fees to make the process of claiming less expensive if they’re refusing to help. The same is true if you had to leave due to bullying or harassment, or any other issue that was discriminatory or neglectful. 

If you’re out of a job for any reason, you may be entitled to other forms of help too, government assistance such as welfare or benefits payments can bridge the gap while you’re looking for more work or having to take time off sick. There are online calculators you can use which can help you to see what you may be able to get, or you could call a helpline and have someone walk through things with you. It’s a situation that few people want or enjoy being in, but being able to cover your basic costs and keep you going while you find something new is important, so do claim the money if you need it.  

Is there another job that you can do?

Finding another job can take time, for some careers it will be a lengthier process than others. So it could be worth taking any job you can get in the meantime to keep the cash flowing in. Even if it’s not what you want to do long term, a temporary job can put you in a better financial situation than being on welfare and you can continue applying for the jobs that you do want. Retail, bar and warehouse companies will often take on employees with no previous experience so even if you’ve not done this kind of work before its something you’ll be able to do. If you have a driving license, driving and delivery jobs are often available. Otherwise you could consider cleaning, work in food prep or factory work. 

Can you create new sources of income?

Having additional sources of income alongside your normal 9-5 is always going to be a smart idea. These side hustles give you something to fall back on when times are tough, and allow you to save more quickly and efficiently when things are good. You could start a blog, you could sign up to a freelancing site and do jobs on there, you could start up your own small business that you run from home. Once you’re back in a position where you’re able to think about this, consider how you can earn extra money to give yourself more financial security.