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3 Questions To Help You Find Your Dream Career

  • April 28, 2021

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Not many of us move into our dream careers after leaving education. Some of us find ourselves in positions that are stop-gaps before finding something 'better,' and a lot of us become stuck on career paths that are far different from the dreams we had when we were younger.

But here's the thing. Life is too short to be on a career path that is taking us nowhere. And life is too short to wait forever before something better comes along. If we aren't proactive, we can remain where we are in the long term, and that can lead to dissatisfaction and feelings of regret. 

So, how do we find our dream career? And how do we know what our dream career might actually be? 

To determine the right answer, the following questions can be useful.

#1: What did I want to be when I was younger?

As children, many of us have big dreams about our future selves. When our teachers asked us what we wanted to be, we may have said airline pilot, astronaut, secret agent, or a famous celebrity. These childhood ambitions aren't always unrealistic so it is worth going back to them. If you always had a love of planes, for example, you could consider pilot training, or you could move into a different area within the same field, perhaps by taking an aviation management degree. Consider the job you wanted when you younger then. Could it still be open to you? Or could you move into another position within that industry? Think back to the hopes and dreams you had as a child and consider turning them into a reality.

#2: What motivates me?

For many people, it is money that motivates that them. For this reason, they might pursue high-paying careers within their chosen industry. For other people, making a difference in the world might be the motivating factor when choosing a job, so they might choose a career in teaching, nursing, or within the mission field. For others, it might simply be a job that lets them make money from a favourite hobby. They might then find a career path that suits their interests. So, what will get you out of bed in the morning? What will you motivate you to go to work? Think about it and then search for the career that will suit you best. 

#3: What am I good at?

Are your talents being fully utilised within your current position? Do you ever feel as if they are being wasted? If so, consider the career paths that will let you use the skills you have developed over the years. This is better than being in a career that doesn't let you use your talents, and it's better than being in a job that is more difficult than it should be for you. Therefore, consider a change of career if you need to. And in the meantime, perhaps turn your skills into a side business, as this might help you bolster your resume before you start out on your new career path.

What is your dream career? Perhaps you're lucky to be in it already, but if not, answer the questions we have given here, and commit to further research to find the right path for you.