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3 Things Lawyers Should Pay Attention To

  • August 25, 2019

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3 Things Lawyers Should Pay Attention To

When people think about law unless they are in the field already then they drift off to thinking about Legally Blonde or Suits.

And while there is nothing to say that some of those experiences are real, most of what happens is all in the name of drama. But there are a few areas, which are shown a lot in the form of montages that if you are serious about your career in law, that you’ll pay attention to.

Honing your skills will win you cases, winning cases gets you, partner.

Top Things Lawyers Should Pay Attention To


From business law to equine law - there will be contracts galore. You will need to be very slick when it comes to the wording and reworking of contracts. A poorly written agreement can land your client in a lot of hot water. It is your job to make sure that your client gets what they want, and the contract needs to reflect it - and be watertight. 

Depending on the type of law that you practice, you’ll need to be able to draft contracts on mergers, agreements, employment, purchases, suppliers agreements, outsourcing, and even housing. No matter what law you deal in, you will need to have hot skills when it comes to contracts. 


Everything is run by computers. The internet is a wealth of information, and technology moves at a rapid pace. So if you aren’t up to speed on what that means in terms of websites, e-commerce, and simple things like data storing - you’re on the backfoot. You need to know what laws are applicable to your clients. If they are selling online, and something has happened with their products and the consumers - who has what rights? Was the website policies clear? What about if a company that handles highly sensitive information finds themselves with a leak on their hands? Knowing cyber law is par for the course if you want to stay relevant as the world changes. 

Intellectual Property

Just because you invent something, doesn’t mean the idea is protected from being stolen. Intellectual property theft is rife. So is infringement. It might be that someone uses the logo and tagline - just slightly amended from your clients. Or they might out-and-out steal it. Knowing a little about intellectual property laws will be a huge advantage here. Copyright covers a lot, like the dramatic works, songs, performances, books and so on. Trademarks include logos, words, symbols, how the product is shaped and innovations. Knowing some IP law will mean you can quickly determine if something has breached these laws or not. And, where your client stands in terms of the right to pursue actions or compensation. 

Conclusion: Things Lawyers Should Pay Attention To

The requirements of lawyers are pretty broad. And, just because they specialize in one area, doesn’t mean that they won’t branch out into others if the case or potential cases are interesting enough. Being able to handle a range of issues will keep your career exciting and your skills sharp.