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3 Tips For Retirement Investors

  • August 31, 2021

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piggy bank with money scattered around it for retirement investors

For many folks just entering the workforce, retirement may seem a long way off. Time has a way of flying by, and retirement comes before you know it. It's something that needs to be planned for.

Fortunately, professional help is available. Use this handy article the help with your search for a savvy financial advisor New York NY.

Planning for your Retirement

For most Americans, there are several tax-advantaged vehicles that can help you build up an enviable sum of retirement savings. These vehicles include 401-K plans, offered by many employers and IRAs, set up for retirement savings by the federal government. In addition, there are not tax-advantaged methods you can use as well.

When researching an IRA, keep in mind that there are two broad types of IRAs: Traditional IRAs and ROTH IRAs. The ROTH version may be a better bet for most earners because you can withdraw your money tax-free when you are eligible to retire.

401-Ks are similar to tax-advantaged IRAs but are offered through the company you work for. In general, these plans give you the ability to put away even more money than most IRA plans. Again, there are two versions, a Traditional 401-K, and a Roth 401-k.

The Markets are not a Playground

The markets are serious places where money is risked, profits are made, and unfortunately, losses are sometimes taken. Numerous events both geopolitically and economically can move the markets, sometimes in dramatic fashion.

A savvy financial advisor can help you navigate stormy investment seas. Their skill and expertise will help you build your retirement portfolio with minimal risk. In general, they will help you have proper diversification and a minimized risk profile. Your advisor will work with you to ensure that your retirement program stays on track and will enable you to avoid serious blunders that can wreck your plans.

Finding a Quality Financial Advisor

Your first task in searching for a competent financial advisor is to take stock of your own goals. For most people, building up their retirement accounts using IRAs and 401-k's are some of the main goals.

So first of all, you want an advisor who has seen a thing or two in the markets and has been in business a good long while. They should be listening to you first, not telling you what you need before they understand your situation. They must be capable of explaining financial topics in easily understandable, jargon-free language.