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4 Big Questions to Ask Before Buying an Engagement Ring

  • May 31, 2022

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woman with engagement ring on her finger

Most people shopping for engagement rings are doing so for the first time. Like other first-time experiences, many questions and uncertainties are bound to arise. Buying an engagement ring is a major investment, and you should be sure that you spend money on the right choice.

Unfortunately, the realm of engagement rings is full of everyday concerns, including the best way to propose, choice of metal, sizing, and more. Below are important questions you should solve before shopping for an engagement ring.

How Much Should You Budget for the Engagement Ring?

Budgeting for an engagement ring is among the top concerns most people have. Days or years after the proposal, your partner will be wondering how much is my engagement ring worth? You should understand the different engagement rings available at varying price points to make a prudent choice.

For instance, the average cost of diamond engagement rings, which are the most preferred, varies between $1,000 and $30,000. To ease your search, you should have a predetermined budget before shopping for the ring. Your budget estimate will determine the ring type, metal choice, color, where to buy it, and more.

Should You Shop for Engagement Rings with Your Partner?

While the idea of surprising their partner with an engagement ring during a vacation or dinner date remains fashionable, most couples have recently decided to commit to marriage jointly. It has become common for couples to collaborate in their engagement process, which includes shopping for engagement rings.

Even though the element of surprise is awesome, there are endless benefits of shopping for engagement rings together. For starters, it alleviates the pressure of finding a perfect ring alone. It also ensures that your partner has a say in choosing a ring they deserve. Nonetheless, the decision to include your partner or not solely lies with you.

Should Men Wear Engagement Rings?

Traditionally, engagement rings were solely a female accessory. However, more men have started proudly wearing their engagement rings as a symbol of commitment. Many celebrities, including Ed Sheeran, have been spotted severally stepping out with engagement rings. Like the idea of shopping, men shouldn’t feel obliged to wear engagement rings. However, you shouldn’t hesitate if you think it symbolizes your utmost commitment.

Where Should You Put Your Engagement Ring On the Wedding Day?

Surprisingly, there is no rule of thumb on what you should do with your engagement ring after tying the knot. Some people transfer the ring to the opposite hands’ ring finger during the wedding ceremony. They can then slip it back to seal the wedding ring. In some countries, engagement rings are worn together with the wedding ring. You will ultimately have the final say.


Proposing to your partner is a major step and decision towards living happily ever after. Such a major decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. You should get everything right and consider several factors when hunting for an engagement ring. Key factors to consider when shopping include the ring metal, diamond cut, ring style, and ring settings.