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4 Hip Hop Dance Moves for Fitness

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Today, we have a great guest post from Wendy Dessler on hip hop dance moves for fitness. Check it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

hip hop dance moves for fitness

So many people want to lose weight and get in shape, but they never seem to find a workout that they’re willing to stick to. Many of us put on our headphones and listen to music while running on the treadmill, but this ultimately gets boring so most people usually give up. Others like to use their elliptical machine to get in a good workout, but they run into the same problem as the treadmill people. It gets boring staring at the wall while using your elliptical machine.

How about dancing? In particular, what about hip-hop dancing? Do you think this type of dancing could be equivalent to working out? If you said no, you’re 100% wrong. In fact, many people are jumping on the hip-hop fitness craze right now, and these amazing men and women are finally getting in shape because they look forward to their fun and exciting hip-hop workout every day.

Before we share our four favorite moves, please remember to buy the right clothes for your workouts. You can get dance clothes at Just for Kix online, or you may prefer wearing workout gear, which you can also buy online from your favorite retailer or pick up something from one of the local stores in your community. With that said, we’ll now take a look at our favorite hip hop dance moves.

Body Rolls

This sensual hip-hop dance move is truly amazing because it helps to improve your core, your butt, your quads, and your hamstring. You can perform it by standing in a wide sumo stance, keep your thighs parallel to the ground, and spread your arms out to the sides to get more balance. Keep your body low to the ground and rotate your pelvis in a clockwise motion. Remember to use your chest and butt to exaggerate the motion and get a strong work out.

The Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake is a hip-hop dance move that’s been around since the 80s, and it’s also a great move to add to your workout. Truthfully, this dance really doesn’t have any formal steps. The goal is to shake your body like you’re convulsing, which looks kind of weird but it’s also fun. It may seem strange on the surface, but you’ll work out many different muscle groups as you continue to twist, shake, and move your body.

Kennis Pulls

This particular dance move is very effective because it has a way of engaging your entire core. Plus, it looks really cool so many people tend to dig it. On top of strengthening your core, doing Kennis pulls will also work out your hips, arms, and abs, so it’s definitely an effective way to get in a solid workout while having a whole lot of fun dancing to your favorite hip-hop tunes.

Keep your feet on the ground, twist your hips at the waist, and extend your fists outward. After that, you bring both of your fists toward your body again, and repeat this motion numerous times and in numerous combinations to get a solid workout.


Miley Cyrus made twerking really popular a few years back and the world has been enamored with this particular dance move ever since. As far as getting a healthy workout is concerned, twerking is pretty awesome because it works out your calves, hamstrings, quads, and butt. It’s also a whole lot of fun too, so it’s a workout move you’ll probably look forward to.


When all is said and done, you can perform these hip-hop moves on a regular basis and get an awesome workout at the same time. Remember to put on your favorite music and have a blast while working out by executing these dance moves.

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    Wow moves !
    If you do not know where your interests lie, and with what job you are compatible with, then start dancing 🙂 Everybody enjoying

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    Interesting moves. I am also a hip-hop dancer from India. I am so HAPPY that I found your blog. Interesting sharing for all the dancers.

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