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4 of the Best Long Term Investment Products and Strategies

  • June 4, 2021

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Investing in the long term is one of the best ways to secure your financial future. While there can be no investment without a certain amount of risk, long-term investing usually overcomes those risks and can grow your money many times over. It gives you time to recover from market events and mistakes. Even when interest rates are low, investing in the long term can help you get better returns. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best long-term products and strategies you should consider. 

Growth stocks

As their name suggests, these stocks grow at a rapid pace, and they promise high investment returns. Usually, growth stocks don’t pay dividends. Instead, these companies reinvest their profits in growth. 

These stocks are often the large tech companies like Tesla, Amazon, and Facebook, but they don’t have to be. These top energy stocks are great growth stocks as well. If you want to go fast and are willing to take on some risk, growth stocks are for you. 

High-dividend stocks

Dividend stocks are an excellent option for investors who prefer a bit of stability in their stock market strategy. With these stocks, you receive regular payments depending on the number of shares you own. You can grow your portfolio even faster if you reinvest the dividends. Dividend stocks are usually associated with older companies that have achieved a stable amount of growth. However, these stocks are susceptible to risks as well, and there is a need to be careful when choosing which stocks to invest in. 

Bond funds

Bond funds are less risky assets and an excellent way to invest in the long term. Typically, a bond fund is a portfolio of bonds issued by a government or an entity. They are categorized based on the duration, level of risk, and issuer. If you are looking to invest in a bond fund, there are a variety of fund choices to choose from, depending on your needs. 

When a government or company issues a bond, they agree to pay the investors a fixed amount of interest yearly. At its date of maturity, the investor receives the principal amount of the bond. The risk and rewards of bond funds depend on the issuer. Corporate bonds are considered riskier than government-issued bonds. However, bond fund terms are predetermined, which makes bond funds safe and stable overall.


If you are an extremely risk-averse investor, a Certificate of Deposit (CD) inside the IRA individual account is the best bet for long-term investing. IRA accounts are tax-friendly, and returns are guaranteed so long as you open an IRA CD with an institution that’s insured by FDIC. In addition, interest rates do not fluctuate with the market, and this can help you plan how to use your savings since you can predict what you will receive. 


Your choice of a long-term investment comes down to your unique personality. Are you market-savvy and willing to take on some risk, or are you extremely risk-averse, and you would prefer slower earnings in exchange for security? Whatever your preferences are, there is no wrong answer. You just need to commit yourself to the investment types that suit you best and secure your financial future