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4 Reasons Why Dads Lose Custody

  • May 2, 2019

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4 Reasons Why Dads Lose Custody

The typical post-divorce family portrait shows a mono-parental unit where the mother has kept custody of the children. Unfortunately, more often than not, fathers lose their custody right or only manage to secure limited access to their children.

It would be unfair to claim that the legal system is biased against fathers. While old-fashioned social expectations sometimes prevail – such as the expectations for mothers not to work –, they are dying out rapidly in a modern-thinking and moving society. In fact, the main reason why kids tend to stay with their mothers is that unsupported fathers make one of the following mistakes.

They expect the ex will play fair

Divorces are complicated and emotionally draining. It’s not uncommon for people to get to great lengths to hurt their ex-partners as a response to their own emotional distress. Consequently, men can’t afford to go unprepared and unprotected. When your partner files for divorce, you need to find a local legal representative to protect your rights – start your search on Google to locate a family attorney near you and make your first appointment. A law expert will not only ensure that any attempt to violate your rights or disrupt your relationship with your children can be stopped, but also minimize the pressure on you and your children.

They fall for unhealthy lifestyles

We get it. You’re going through a lot. You’re stressed out. You’re upset. So staying on top of your health regime is not a priority when you’re going through a separation. However, fathers are likely to develop unhealthy habits when they’re struggling with the emotional pressures of a divorce. As they do, junk food, heavy drinking, and sedentary routines can affect their health. It’s crucial to design a simple health plan for you to follow. Walking to work or creating a weekly meal plan can help to prove to your partner and legal representative that you can be trusted with your parental duties.

They have debts

Divorces are not only stressful; they are expensive. They can drain your finances. Struggling with debts impacts your custody rights dramatically. So you need to refresh your budget to build financial recovery. As you prepare a new financial roadmap, you need to be realistic about your money expectations. You have less to work with. It doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your goals. But it means you need to be careful and disciplined.

They don’t know about parental alienation

During a divorce, some partners go deliberately out of their way to inflict pain. Heated arguments and aggressive discussions are, unfortunately, a common practice. Some mothers, however, are ready to use the children against their former partner. This phenomenon is called parental alienation, and, if it can be proven, it can be punishable by the law. However, in the meantime, it is a heartbreaking situation for fathers. You can find support from awareness organizations that can help you to establish contact with your children and rebuild trust. But, you need to take things slowly if you want to have your kids back.

Uninformed fathers nowadays have a hard time protecting their custody rights. You can’t leave things to chance. It’s your responsibility to manage risks as best as you can to protect your relationship with your children.