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4 Trusted Side-Hustles that can make you some Extra Buck

  • August 24, 2020

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The world has become extremely competitive and apart from the sun, it is also revolving around money. We might delude ourselves by saying that money isn’t important but the bitter truth will always stand tall and look us in the face - we need money to survive in today’s world. With money playing such an important part of our lives, it is quite common to realize that your current job isn’t giving you enough money. You sometimes need a side hustle to keep things going with extra money that you make. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular and effective ways to make money on the side.

Rent out your car

Almost everyone in a city owns a car now, which is why we witness such busy roads and traffic jams. The point is that a lot of people either have an extra vehicle at home that they do not use or simply don’t drive what they own. It is quite a waste of money to just let your car rust when you can actually make some money off it. Renting out your car is very real and you can find various apps and websites that will help you rent it out to trustworthy people. Renting out your car when you aren’t using it is a good way to make an extra buck on the side.

Sell don’t throw

A lot of the things that you don’t need anymore find the way to the dumpster. Some things still have a resale value so you should always keep an eye out for such items and think twice before disposing of them. Couches, chairs, tables and other furniture items can be fixed and sold for a decent price. Your electronic gadgets also have resale value if they can be fixed or refurbished. A lot of antique articles which are useless to us can be sold for high prices at the right place.


Shifting into a new house? Whether you rent or buy doesn’t matter. Housing costs make a huge hole in everyone’s pockets. Researchers at estimate that around 50-70% of the income of the middle class goes into housing costs. You can dive a little into the real estate business of renting out the extra rooms of your house to people in

need who are willing to pay a handsome rent for it. This can help you clear the monthly installment and divert the rest of the money to savings.


It does sound childish but babysitting is actually a service that is very much in demand these days. Parents pay a handsome amount for a trustworthy babysitter with whom they can leave their child on a regular basis while they are away for work or leisure. Allotting your free time to some baby-sitting work can help you rope in some extra money to make ends meet.

These small activities can always help you out with your financial condition in a lucrative manner. Though one should always be careful not to let it affect your main job. A side-hustle should always be kept on the side and should be treated as a secondary source of income.