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4 Ways to Increase Your Business’s Visibility

  • June 22, 2020

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4 Ways to Increase Your Business's Visibility

Ready to increase your business's visibility?

After you take the time to create your company’s brand, you want your customers to understand who you are and recognize your products. Take the following measures to increase your community’s familiarity with your business.

Use Your Logo

Now that you have an eye-catching logo created by a graphic designer, it’s time to use it. Print labels using machinery such as that on and place them on all your products. Order stationery for your memos and invoices that has the logo at the top. Embed the image into your emails and use it as your profile picture. On your website, make sure that your logo is clearly displayed both at the top of the page and near the bottom with your contact information.

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Strategically Place Ads

Place advertisements throughout your community in easily visible locations. These include community notice boards, local newspapers and billboards. While you may change the focus of each ad, you need to put your logo, contact information and website on each one. Make sure to put your promotional materials in places that your target market frequents, and don’t forget to check readability before you leave.

Attend Community Events

Most cities have events such as festivals or fairs where local businesses set up booths to promote their products. If your products do not translate well to this setting, consider sponsoring a moon bounce or another attraction. Bring a sign with your name, logo and website on it so that people know who is responsible. These events increase your visibility and allow you to establish yourself as involved in your community.

Invest in Your Community

Set aside a percentage of your profits every year to donate to charities, and put this money to work in your community. Make sure that your donations tie into your brand. For example, if you produce reusable water bottles, then donate to your local nature center. The larger your donation, the larger the chance that organizations will remember and publicly thank you. Another benefit of these donations is that you can deduct them when you pay your taxes if you keep the receipts.

As you start running your business, you need to find ways to distinguish yourself from the competition. One great way to do this is to fully develop your brand and include it in all your advertising. Don’t forget to make your presence known in your community so that people will recognize your name.