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Get The Kids In The Kitchen With These Great Meal Ideas

  • December 29, 2022

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If your children have been asking to help out in the kitchen then you may be cautious of them helping with the more complicated recipes. However, there are some fantastic recipes and meals that your children can help out with. Getting your children in the kitchen and helping is a wonderful way of teaching them life skills that they will never forget. You can only improve in the kitchen and practice does make perfect. Take a look below for some ideas on what you can cook with your children. 


Everyone loves pizza and what better way to have fun in the kitchen than to make it yourself? Children may not know that you can make your own pizza, especially if they have only known to order it from the local delivery service. Your children will have an amazing time creating their own pizza with a variety of toppings. If you don’t want to make too much of a mess in the kitchen then you can buy your own bases rather than make them. Make sure you put the pizzas in the oven or supervise the older children while they do it themselves. 

Macaroni Cheese

What is easier than mac n cheese on a busy weekday evening? Your children can add whatever they want to the classic macaroni-cheese recipe or you can just enjoy it as it comes. It doesn’t take long to do a mac n cheese at all. You just need to cook the pasta, make the sauce and combine the two together. If your children like vegetables or salad then you can put some of this on the side to make it slightly healthier. 

Chicken Nuggets

If your children love chicken nuggets then you may not know that you can make your own at home. These will always be better than shop-bought chicken nuggets as you know what goes into them. Your children may enjoy tasting the difference and enjoying the satisfaction of making them themselves. Even better news, these are freezable so if you double the quantity then you will have some leftovers for another day. You will need to get some breadcrumbs for this recipe, panko or Italian ones are the best to use. 


Does everyone in the family like a hearty curry? If so then you can make one rather than buying one from your local store. Making your own homemade food is much healthier than shop-bought food as you know exactly what you are eating. When you make a curry you can place whatever you want in it. Chicken, fish, or even goat if you prefer. Make sure you have all the ingredients you need to make the sauce otherwise it will be a last-minute dash to the supermarket. The good thing about a homemade curry is you can make it as spicy or as mild as you like. 


Finally, if you are wanting to make a dessert or a snacky meal with your children then what better thing to make than gooey, sticky cookies? You can bake these avalanche cookies at home with the kids and they can take them to school or munch on them while watching their favorite film at home. Make sure you have everything to hand and enjoy getting messy!