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5 Common Reasons For Business Owners To Hire Legal Advisers

  • November 4, 2021

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5 Common Reasons For Business Owners To Hire Legal Advisers

Setting up and running a business involves juggling multiple balls and complying with legal regulations and rules. There are many reasons why business owners may need to seek legal advice. In this guide, we’ll highlight the most common scenarios. 

Here's Common Reasons For Business Owners To Hire Legal Advisers

Creating a company and adjusting corporate structures

If you are setting up a new business, or you have plans to adjust the structure of an existing firm, it is beneficial to talk to legal experts to ensure that you cross all of the boxes. You will need to make sure that your new business is registered and undertake legal processes to make alterations that involve shareholders. 

Employment contracts

Employment contracts are legal documents, which should be signed by employers and employees before a candidate accepts a job offer. Contracts outline details of the roles and expectations, as well as key issues, such as entitlement to leave, sick pay and employee benefits and bonuses. It is wise to have contracts inspected by legal experts before you utilize them to ensure that they cover everything and provide clear instructions and guidelines for employees. 

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If you employ foreign workers or you are looking to hire talented candidates from other countries in the future, scheduling a free immigration consultation is beneficial. You can speak to experts about what is involved in hiring employees from overseas and get help with any problems that arise once you have offered roles or employed new team members. 

Employee disputes

Employees disputes can be complex, and they can also be damaging in terms of brand image and reputation. If an employee makes a complaint, or they want to take legal action against the company, it is important to act quickly.

The ideal scenario is reaching an agreement with the employee before the case goes to court. An experienced lawyer can fight your corner, provide advice about how to handle the complaint or dispute and work on your behalf to try and resolve the issue in the least disruptive way possible. 

Public liability claims

If you provide a service or sell products to the public, there is a risk of public liability claims. Examples include customers tripping in a store or restaurant, or an employee making a mistake that causes damage to a client’s property or possessions. Hiring a lawyer can eliminate stress and improve your chances of reaching an agreement that suits the customer without going through court proceedings.

It is also critical for business owners to ensure that they have the relevant insurance to cover public liability. If your policy is due for renewal, use the Internet to compare policies and prices. If you work in an industry that carries high risks, for example, construction, you may wish to contact specialist insurance providers for quotes. 

Managing a business can be fraught with obstacles and hazards. There are many reasons why entrepreneurs and directors may need legal advice, from setting up a company to dealing with disputes or complaints. If you run a business, it’s wise to ensure you have experts in your corner.