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5 Easy Businesses to Start from Home

  • March 4, 2020

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5 Easy Businesses to Start from Home

In the modern gig-based economy, so many people decide how they earn their income for themselves. They leverage their time and skill to freely earn without a cap or set workday. If you’re intrigued by the gig economy or already making money from it, you may want to formalize what you do and open up a business. To get some inspiration for a business that aligns with your skill set, read this guide to easy businesses to start from home.

Pet Sitting or Dog Training

Your home offers a more valuable resource for starting a business than you may recognize. If you have pets already or love cats, dogs, and other critters, consider establishing your own at-home sitting operation. Check into what business permits you will require and purchase liability insurance to legitimize your business and maximize its size. If you’re gifted with the ability to train dogs, maybe offer a sitting and training service all in one to earn more money.

T-Shirt Making

Another accessible home business option is T-shirt making. Periodically, schools, sports teams, and other organizations look for cost-efficient T-shirt manufacturers, and you can offer extremely low prices by operating out of your home and buying your own equipment and materials. One worthwhile material you can use to offer a surprisingly high-quality product is heat transfer vinyl, or HTV, which comes in many variations and is extremely durable upon application.


With the proliferation of electronics, services such as tutoring are viable means for making money. You can offer your services through connections you have or build with nearby high schools or colleges. This option also affords you a high degree of flexibility because you can schedule sessions whenever you’re available. Take care, though—many students will be available only for late-afternoon or evening sessions, so this business is best for those who don’t mind working later in the day.

Graphic Designing

Another easy business to start from home using your personal computer is getting into the graphic designing world. You can easily self-teach using online courses and begin seeking work soon after learning the basics. Offer your services for free at first, then, if your clients approve of your work, start charging them. Be sure to network in very specific ways—getting into a niche market is one key way to build up your professional reputation and connect with long-term clients. Often, clients who enjoy your work will refer you to others they know.

Selling Used Products

Though not exactly a formal business venture, selling what you have at your home or acquire provides a surprising amount of income. Many different online resale websites provide dependable platforms for running a large-scale operation, and they often have comprehensive rules in place for both buyers and sellers. Clothing, books, furniture, and gift cards you won’t use are excellent candidates for selling online.