5 Epic Ways To Make Your Family’s Money Work Harder

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Make Your Family's Money Work Harder

Want to learn about how to make your family's money work harder? In today's contributed post, get 5 ways to make your dollars go the extra mile. Enjoy!


You work hard for the well-being of your family and earn a decent wage, but it doesn't have to stop there.

In fact, you may be able to increase your wealth substantially if you put your family's money to work in the following ways.


Investing in real estate is an excellent option for many families as it can make them a significant return on their money. In fact, many surveys show that property investment compares very favorably to other types over the long term.

Of course, before you can see the money start to roll in, there are many choices to be made and factors to be considered. These include the location in which you will look to buy, as well as the type of property, and the cost you can afford.

In particular, bear in mind that the cost of the home you buy has a direct effect on the rate of return you will see. Unfortunately, working out the rate of return on a property investment can be a complicated task. Although, if you are calculating capitalization rates yourself using an online calculator can make it a lot easier.  It can also help you get a more accurate prediction of what to expect as well as all of the many factors are covered.

Do remember though, that no matter how charming the property or how good the deal seems if the numbers don't work out it will be a poor investment choice.  


Next, for families that don't want to get into the property market why not consider investing in cryptocurrency to make your money work harder? Now, not a day goes by without there being a story in the news or on some blog where some lucky so and so has made their fortune by buying and selling crypto. However, if you are considering investing in this area, it is worth noting that the potential for marketing substantial returns on the more well-known cryptos like Bitcoin is minimal.

The reason for this is because everyone is aware of them, and people have already rushed to invest. This has pushed the price up, and while you will see some fluctuation throughout the day, the cost will rarely drop low enough for it to be viable to buy a small amount with the intention to make a hefty profit by selling them on.

However, that doesn't mean that investing in crypto can be entirely ruled out. In fact, there are other ways that you can use this type of investment to make your family's money work harder.

One is to invest in the server farms that are being run in remote locations. These are the computers that are being used to mine crypto on a large scale, and because consortiums often run them, it is possible to make a smaller investment and still benefit from the profits that a large-scale operation can pull in.

Debt control

Sometimes to make your family’s money work harder, it is necessary to look at your finances and see where the weaknesses are. In particular, these weakness are often debts that have a high rate of interest being charged them, and so they need to be paid off before you invest in other areas.

The reason that paying these debts off is the best thing for your family's finance is that the interest rate you are charged on them will nearly always be higher than the rate you can make from saving or investments. That means, even if you are putting money away you are still losing more than you will gain while your debts are open. With this in mind, many families can make their whole finial situation work more to their favor by dealing with debt first.


For some folks, the thought of gambling the family savings on investment is too much of a risk, but that doesn't mean they can't get more out the money that they already have. In fact, it is possible to get some great returns from a decent saving account, although you will need to look around and compare what is on offer to do this.

In particular, consider ISAs that offer a higher rate of interest, and remember that the more you deposit, the higher rate you can expect to be paid by the bank.

Peer to peer loans

Lastly, for families that want to make their money work harder and to help out small business in the process, why not consider getting involved with peer to peer lending?  This is when you offer money to small businesses to help get them off the ground through an agency.

Many people prefer this option because they get to actively assist someone in creating a viable business. Although, as some platforms are not governed in the same way that other final products are, and this means they can be quite risky. Something that means it's vital that you do your homework on this before deciding to invest all your family's money.

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I’ve read several articles on this topic over the past few days, but yours is the only one that makes sense to me. Thank you!

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