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5 Major Health Benefits of Biking to Work

  • August 18, 2021

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Now that companies are requiring their employees to come back to work, it is important to choose your means of commuting to work every day. 

If you’ve been working out while working from home, don’t let all that work go to waste by driving to work or taking public transport. Instead, invest in a bicycle that you can ride to and from work every day. 

Riding a bicycle to work every day is a great way to be in top shape. Not only will this continue to help you maintain the gains and progress you’ve made so far, but it will also provide many health benefits.

Helps Improve Joint Mobility

As a low-impact workout, riding a bicycle every day not only provides you with an easy way to continue to work out, it also improves the mobility of your joint. Most people spend hours sitting down at their desk in the office. All that sitting eventually results in back pains and limited range of mobility for the joint. 

But with a minimum of 40-minutes of bike riding every day –a minimum 20-minute commute to and from work, you’ll keep your joints flexible and mobile as you get older. This way, you can avoid most of the joint paints that other people deal with as they get older.

Helps Your Heart Pump Blood More Efficiently

Cardiovascular health is one of the indicators of longevity. If your heart beats well and efficiently, you’re more likely to avoid illnesses like heart attacks, cardiovascular disease, and other related ailments. 

Biking to work every day is a good aerobic workout. People who do aerobics regularly are less likely to develop heat-related illnesses. With your heart beating more efficiently, you’re more likely to stay healthier for longer. 

In fact, now that covid19 is becoming endemic, a healthy heart can help determine if you’ll survive the onslaught of an infection if you do become infected. 

Gets You in Better Physical Shape

Here’s the thing about going into the office: you may not have the time to work out anymore as you used to when you were working from home. So, instead of hoping that your boss gives you a 30-minute break so you can go to the gym for exercises like military workout routines, riding your bike can qualify as a means of getting your daily exercise. 

Doctors recommend that the average adult get 75-120 minutes of moderate to intense exercise every week. Your bike can provide that. Plus, you can work hard to increase your endurance by increasing the bike pedal’s resistance or increasing your speed intermittently.

Another tip that works is riding uphill. This increases the resistance and forces your heart and other muscles to work harder as you try to overcome the challenge. If you want a surefire, no-excuse way to stay in good physical shape, riding your bicycle to work will do that. 

Accelerates Fat Loss

Fat loss is often a function of increased metabolism and calorie deficit. If you’re on a weight loss journey and want a foolproof way to slowly but surely burn the fat, a daily bike ride to work will do the trick. 

Because it’s an aerobic activity, your body will burn excess fat as you pedal to and from work. It is honestly, the sweet spot between walking every day and running. If you did nothing else but just eat moderately every day and ride your bicycle for 40-75 minutes per day, you will lose weight. 

Increases Physical and Mental Strength

Although bike riding is seen as a low-impact exercise, it can help increase your physical and mental strength. You’ll get stronger physically from riding the bicycle to and from work –particularly your thighs, calves, and bum muscles. Those will firm up nicely, while they get stronger.

Also, your core will tighten and get stronger because your abdominal muscles also play a role in your bicycling. As for mental strength, not only will you develop the mental toughness that you need to keep riding the bike to work every day, this activity also does wonders for your mental health. Because bicycle riding is a physical activity, it has the attendant benefit of helping you improve your mood. 

Physical activity has been linked to lower risk of depression and anxiety, better sleep and improved sense of well-being. Also, for people who struggle with waking up and depend on coffee for that, physical activities like this can help minimize that dependency. Plus, you get to save money that you’d have spent on commuting. 

So if you’ve been looking for a relatively easy and reliable to way to keep torching your body fat, a daily bicycle ride is your best bet. Just make sure to wear comfortable clothing and underwear like mesh jockstrap to keep you comfortable while riding, and throughout the day at work.