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5 Marketing Tips to Gear Up for Black Friday

  • October 23, 2019

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5 Marketing Tips to Gear Up for Black Friday

Everyone looks forward to Thanksgiving. It’s such a special time to enjoy food, spend time with loved ones… and prepare for a massive shopping trip the next day. Shoppers have more options than ever to cross items off their Christmas lists, and it can be difficult for businesses to know how to stand out from their competitors on one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Following these marketing tips to gear up for Black Friday will separate your business from the pack and ensure you have an influx of costumers.

Make It Feel Like a Party

One thing you can do to ensure your business stands out from the rest on Black Friday is to make the shopping experience feel more like a party. Decorate your store with holiday knick-knacks to put your customers in a festive mood. Think about offering people treats such as hot cocoa upon entry as well. As a businessperson, it’s your responsibility to make sure your customers are having fun and not just crossing a task off their to-do lists.

Hold Contests

A contest or raffle is a great way to get more costumers into your store. When patrons arrive at your business, have them fill out a card with their name and phone number for the chance to win a special prize. If people know they could win something for free, they’re more likely to shop at your establishment.

Have Extra Staff

The one thing shoppers hate most is long lines, so make sure you’re fully prepared for the mass of people expected on Black Friday. Be as preventative as possible by having plenty of people on staff the day after Thanksgiving.

Stay Open Late

Most businesses have caught onto the trend of opening in the wee hours of the morning on Black Friday. Help your business stand out by staying open late instead. Another tip is to center certain sales around time frames—something like “Midnight Madness” is unique, and it will catch the eye of a shopper who’s used to seeing early-bird specials.

Offer Bargains, Bargains, Bargains

The most obvious marketing tip to gear up for Black Friday is to hold sales. The main reason why Black Friday has become such a popular event in American culture is because businesses offer consumers unprecedented deals. Make sure the sales you offer stand tall against competitors and that they savings are significant enough to entice people to go to your store.