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5 Reasons To Add A Bio Page To Your Site

  • April 12, 2021

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Add A Bio Page

Bio pages are a common feature on company websites. They may also be titled ‘meet the team’ or ‘who are we?’ or they may be included within an ‘about us’ page. Such pages can be a way of virtually introducing yourself. Such pages can have several benefits when winning over customers. Below are just some of the reasons to add a bio page on your site.

Prove that you’re a real company

Introducing yourself and your team can show people that you’re a genuine company. Nowadays, it’s very easy for a scammer to create a fake company. It’s much harder to make up a team of staff members - each with photographs and backstories. As a result, customers will trust you more for including a bio page. 

Show off your achievements

A bio page is a great opportunity to show off the achievements of you and your staff members. Degrees and awards can show customers that you and your staff members are highly-qualified and esteemed. This could be particularly important in areas such as medicine, law and finance. 

Create a personal connection

You can also use bios to create a personal connection. For example, this bio of Wayne Blazejczyk ASIC delves not only into his finance career achievements but also mentions his passion for hockey and the fact that he also works as a coach. Small details like this can create a personal connection - they can make you and your staff more multi-dimensional and relatable, which can help to build trust. You may also be able to tell stories of how you or staff members have overcome challenges, which can also help to build trust by inspiring people. 

Strengthen employee pride

A bio page is a chance to publicly praise your employees and their achievements. This can make employees more proud to work for your company knowing that you value them enough to display them on your website. Not all employees may want to be included in a bio of course - so it’s always worth getting consent.

Improve your SEO

A bio page is extra content to add to your site - and therefore extra space to add keywords. It could be an extra opportunity to improve your rankings. If someone is searching for you by name or searching for one of your staff members by name, you could use SEO to ensure that your company website shows up first rather than a personal Facebook page or possibly an online article that you don’t want people to read. This could be another great reason to create a bio page.

Tips for create a winning bio page

Before creating a bio page on your site, it could be worth considering some of these golden tips.

  • Make sure that individual staff member bios aren’t too long. Anything too wordy could come across as egotistical and people are unlikely to read it.
  • Make sure that photographs are professional and consistent. Each photo should ideally have a similar background and profile.
  • Make sure to remove bios of employees that have left. You don’t want customers asking about employees who no longer work at your company.