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5 Ways Your Money Can Help Others

  • August 6, 2021

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5 Ways Your Money Can Help Others

Looking for ways your money can help others?

Giving can be a challenge. Sometimes, you think that the best solution is to simply hand somebody a wad of cash and then that will solve all their problems. But, as anyone who has worked in the charity sector will tell you, that’s rarely the case. Getting giving right is notoriously difficult.

In this post, we’re not trying to suggest that personal responsibility isn’t important - it is! But sometimes people fall on genuine hard times that aren't their fault. And they need other people around them to lift them up so that they can resume their journey along life’s path. 

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that your money can help others. 

Here's 5 ways your money can help:

Invest In Education

Education is usually a positive for people, especially children. So using your money to invest in it can set a young person up for a better life. Colleges are becoming so expensive these days that many families are struggling to afford to pay the fees, even with loans. And young people are often saddled with debts that last throughout their twenties and thirties, which seems a little odd to say the least. Your money could be just the cash injection that the person needs to avoid some of the financial hardships that many of their peers face. 

Buy From The Right Brands

You can also turn your product purchases into a form of ethical giving. Often, brands will make donations on your behalf when you buy certain items. So for instance, purchasing rainbow vape pens is a way of making meal donations. 

Give Something You Can See That Somebody Needs

Giving money isn’t always helpful. But giving gifts often are. Often, there are certain items that people need that you can provide.

The best gifts are the things that the person wouldn’t necessarily think of going out and getting by themselves. Usually, that’s because they can’t afford them themselves. In situations like these, it is your opportunity to provide the extra finances that they need. 

Donate To A Charity That Means Something To You

Charities are very good at taking donor money and focusing it on helping good causes. In developed countries, we are lucky to have such a high average standard of living with most people having all the things that they need to survive and thrive. But that’s not the case in the rest of the world. In many places, people don’t even have the basics. 

It is quite extraordinary just how much difference small amounts of charitable giving can make. Just a few dollars here or there can provide a large quantity of food, water and other resources that people need. Global wholesale prices of items tend to be considerably lower than they are in western countries. 

Lend To A Business

Not all businesses that are struggling to find cash are necessarily going to fail. In fact, in many cases, traditional lenders are just missing out on opportunities. This is where you can step in. Providing an interest-free loan is a great way to support a company and give the managers time to fix the problem.