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6 Lucrative Small Businesses You Can Start in Your Garage

  • March 12, 2021

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6 Lucrative Small Businesses You Can Start in Your Garage

When it comes to starting your own business, it can feel like you’re climbing a mountain that’s riddled with rough patches along the way, especially in today’s society. From drawing up your initial budget to beginning your marketing efforts, there are countless things to consider and plan for on your journey. But nothing can be as tedious as finding a place to set up shop. Fortunately, when you’re first starting out, you may not need to worry about this step at all. These are some small businesses you can start in your garage that are highly sought after by today’s consumers.

Auto Mechanic Shop

Regardless of whether individuals are leaving home, having a functioning vehicle is essential in case of emergencies. Because of this, there’s no shortage of individuals needing their oil changed or even more extensive repairs. As such, it’s the perfect industry to start working in from the comfort of your garage—or even out in the driveway during nicer weather.

Photographer Studio

If you’re interested in photography, you could also turn your garage into a studio. Whether you specialize in family portraits or more artistic still-life images, these areas are perfect for setting up a backdrop and getting the lighting just right. So, you’ll be able to get perfect pictures for your clients every time.

Barber or Hairdresser Service

Another lucrative small business you can start in your garage is a barber shop or hair salon. When set up optimally, these spaces can easily accommodate a few clients at a time and even provide them with a more personal and friendly atmosphere. In fact, many choose to start this type of business from their home as a way to make their services feel more relaxed and inviting. Just be sure you’re stocked with all the right equipment, such as hair cutting shears, salon chairs, and a washing station.

Art Classes

Garages are also great for art instruction because they have ample space to set up workstations and seating. With the right arrangement, it’s even possible to set up your own desk at the front to demonstrate certain techniques. This can be very beneficial to you depending on the medium you’re looking to teach.

Personal Training Facility

Should you be more into physical activity, you can try becoming a personal trainer as well. It’s often very simple to turn a garage into your own private gym, making it easy to instruct individuals on their exercising form and observe their progress. Some clients may even prefer the quiet setting to the hustle and bustle of a public fitness center.

Candle Making and Selling

Using your garage as a workshop to make your own products is a viable option too. Due to the increased amount of open floor space they have, it’s very easy to set up all the necessary equipment and make large quantities of certain items. Candles are a particularly popular option for an area like this because they take multiple steps to create and need a lot of additional room for storage.