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6 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Videos to Grow Your Business

  • January 4, 2022

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The format of short yet catchy videos has become increasingly popular - first TikTok, now Instagram is implementing its Reels, and YouTube has introduced its Shorts. What’s more, if embraced correctly, this trend can bring many benefits to businesses - from allowing you to show off your products or service to improving social engagement to increasing lead generation and driving more traffic to your website.

All of the factors mentioned above contribute to one thing - upsurging the sales. So, if you aren’t using videos in your social media strategy yet or want to improve them for better results, this article is for you.

Below, you will find several effective ways to improve your social media videos, including keeping your videos short, using subtitles, adding trending music, filming in natural lighting, embracing storytelling, and optimizing your videos for different channels. Read on and make the most out of your social media strategy!

Optimize Your Videos For Different Channels

As noted by experts from Bravo Group, optimizing videos for different channels is one of the most effective ways to improve social media for driving more traffic. This means that you should tailor-make your video for each particular platform you are targeting. This means that you should use different styles and lengths of videos for different platforms and different goals that you want to achieve through your videos as well.

For example, short videos are great for Instagram and TikTok, while longer videos work best for YouTube or Facebook. As far as storytelling goes, shorter videos work best for Instagram, while longer videos work better for YouTube and Facebook.

Keep Your Videos Short

As mentioned above, it seems that the most successful social media videos are the ones that are short. Instagram’s Reels are limited to one minute, and other popular platforms have similar limits. But short videos don’t mean that you have to sacrifice quality for quantity. Instead, short videos make it possible for you to deliver your message effectively and clearly in a short time span.

Not only that, but short videos also give you an opportunity to talk about your products more efficiently. This is especially important if you are running an e-commerce store and want to get people interested in what you offer. Also, when they are short, they can be easily shared across social platforms, increasing the reach and perception of your brand.

Use Subtitles

The second way to create compelling social media videos is to use subtitles. These days, with the new generation of tech-savvy consumers who are used to watching videos on different devices, subtitles are becoming increasingly important. So, if you want to reach all of your audience, subtitles are a must.

Your video should be clear and concise, but it should also drive your customers or viewers to your website. To do so, you need to add subtitles with a call-to-action. For example, “Buy it now!” or “Visit us at this site” can help you direct your viewers towards your website.

Add Trending Music

Adding music to your video isn’t always necessary, but it is a must if you want to utilize social media videos for lead generation. Music can help you catch your audience’s attention and draw them into your video. Then, once you’ve attracted their attention, you can start building a connection with them by telling your brand story and adding a clear call to action.

Film In Natural Lighting

Filming your products in natural light will help you create professional and high-quality videos. It makes them more eye-catching and makes it easier for your viewers to see what’s going on. Plus, natural light will help you create better-looking videos. It won’t just make your products shine and sparkle; it will also highlight their unique features and characteristics. For example, if you are selling jewelry, natural light will help you show off the stones’ unique features and characteristics.

Embrace Storytelling

One thing that many marketers fail to do is to tell their brand story effectively through their social media videos. As mentioned above, using subtitles will help you do so, but there is another important way to do so - storytelling.

Storytelling is very popular among today’s consumers because brands know how important it is for their customers to feel more connected to them. For example, use testimonials from happy customers who experienced firsthand how your product or service improved their lives. Then, let your viewers see how much it matters to them and why they should buy it too.

Final Word

The upsurging popularity of short but catchy videos shows that people are not only bored with lengthy articles and long-form content, but they also have a short attention span which makes them more receptive to concise, engaging content. 

Moreover, social media is becoming increasingly important for businesses as it is one of the main channels for lead generation and sales. Therefore, you need to embrace this trend and improve your social media videos if you want to achieve the most out of your social media strategy.

The tips discussed above are a good starting point for creating compelling social media videos. But keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to creating great content for your business, so always test, experiment, and find out what works best for you.