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6 Ways To Manage Your Finances For Medical Treatment

  • May 20, 2022

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woman lying in a hospital bed

Many factors impact your health. The diet plan you follow, the lifestyle you adopt, and the medical treatments you get because of making poor choices with the former two. Looking after yourself is not an isolated task, and more often than not, you may find yourself coming in for a consultation with a healthcare practitioner.

However, paying for your medical expenses can be a hurdle. While the US healthcare business may be extensive, it is also highly costly. Landing in the ER alone can cost you $1000 to $5000.

Unfortunately, these costs are unavoidable. As your health plummets and you need help getting back on your feet, you struggle with various illnesses. So whether you require assistance to pay for surgery, deal with cancer treatment, or need medication to regulate your well-being, here are some ways you can manage your finances.

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Seek settlement money

Going to court to settle your medical bills may sound like a long stretch, but that is not the case. Certain illnesses like mesothelioma cannot get treated on your savings alone. This rare and aggressive cancer also has a spot in the legal system since it is a disease caused by the blatant disregard by asbestos-using companies. Asbestos-related illnesses only develop if you've had prolonged exposure to the microscopic fiber.

After years of build-up, your health starts turning for the worst, often requiring elaborate and costly procedures. By holding the companies responsible for your deteriorating well-being, you can launch a legal claim against them and receive money either from asbestos trust funds or through negotiation. These funds can help you get the necessary treatment to elevate both the pain and the symptoms.

Start a crowdfund or Gofundme

Crowdfunding is an excellent way to ask anonymous donors for money. This service allows you to share your story, build credibility and set the limit of many you need for your treatment. You can also set a deadline when you need this cash to start treatment right away. Gofundme pages also relieve pressure off your loved ones to provide money for your treatment. You can share the link on multiple platforms and let others share it for you on their social media channels.

Switch over brands

Medicines get manufactured under brand names. So while the chemical composition of different pills and fluids are the same, they only differ by the pharmaceutical company that produces them. High-end brands charge a hefty amount for their products. In comparison, generic names give you an affordable range. If you're struggling with money or need these medications every day, you should choose a budget-friendly company.

For instance, if you have diabetes or hypertension, you need pills every day to manage your condition. In the case of diabetes, you cannot forgo insulin. So by getting involved with generic brands, you save yourself paying a significant chunk of your income and get the medication you need.

Talk To Your Doctor

Your doctor can help you manage the cost of treatments by providing more affordable routes. Even if you have insurance, these companies only handle a margin of the price and leave the remainder to you. A doctor can provide you with free health screenings in small clinics and welfare centers. Early detection of your illness can help you treat it using medication or minor procedures that are not costly. Ultrasounds are much cheaper than MRIs. Opt for it instead of MRI if your soft tissue can get picked up by the ultrasound machine.

Similarly, if your physician can do a CT scan instead of another expensive diagnostic, get those done. There are vaccine centers to provide you with the essential shots you need from minimal to no cost. Take advantage of these facilities. Certain health bars and gyms also offer discounts on treatment options. Consider availing them.

Pick a healthcare insurance plan appropriate for you

Healthcare plans provide various options for treatment and allowance in medication. Therefore, you must study the fine print and determine which method applies to your situation. If you're a healthy individual with less than ten visits annually, you should go for a high deductible coverage. So you need to load a minimal fee covering the rest. If you have too many health conditions, you need a premium healthcare plan, which may be pricey but gives you all the facilities.

A premium also helps you save money in the long run since you're only paying for insurance and not individual services. It would help if you tried to use doctors on your network since they can give you a free consultation and inpatient facilities for a minimum cost. You also get charged a nominal fee for medications.

Maintain a good lifestyle

One way you can avoid getting sick is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While you can't cure hereditary diseases, you can bring them under control. A diet plan can help you get all the essential vitamins and nutrients you need for your body to function well. By exercising, you can keep your muscles in shape and your heart pumping blood more smoothly without fat clogging the blood vessels.

By avoiding recreational drugs and drinking alcohol in limited quantities, you can prevent many ailments that stem from substance abuse. This may sound long and daunting, but it is simpler and cheaper than racking up an expensive hospital bill.


Healthcare is not cheap, and this gets further shown by the hefty medical bills you may receive after visiting the hospital. Unless you're careful with your finances and try to find ways to get treated without paying much, you may dent your budget. Reducing the cost of healthcare is all about being smart with the facilities you use and the means of making your payments. It would help if you used public spaces to get anonymous donors to help you out, use the legal system and stick to a healthcare plan meant for you. Additionally, consult your physician to help you get treated for a minimal cost. You can also manage your lifestyle to avoid getting sick often and prevent extensive hospital stays.