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7 Pro Hacks To Manage Your Events Efficiently

  • October 28, 2019

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hacks to manage your events

Looking for pro hacks to manage your events?

Be it for marketing purposes or for recreation, events and gatherings are necessary to every commercial entity. These constant reminders of your brand help improve your brand’s exposure as well as connect with new audiences and clients.

Ideally, hiring an event management agency to handle your event would be the best approach. But, still, you may need to intervene to make sure that your event is being managed properly.

And in case, if you are planning to host your own event, here are a few hacks to ensure that your event is being managed efficiently.

Early Birds Get The Best Deals

Often the biggest blunder in event management is starting off at the eleventh hour. You should sincerely avoid planning your events late. For a successful corporate event, Ben Hull from Bright Vision Events says that the number one thing to do is to start planning early. For example, an event such as a fashion show, with expected footfall above 1000 should be planned a few months before the date of the event. This could save you from unwanted issues and conflicts that may surface during the commencing moments.

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A Little Flexibility Is Indispensable

During the course of planning your event a lot can change. Time, location, type of event, theme, guest list, and even the host may change. Being a little flexible with all these changes heading your way can help you move forward with your plan. In other words, you need to be flexible enough to welcome changes to your original plan, if anything better comes up.

Negotiating Can Save You More

Whether you are an event management company yourself, or a client to one, negotiations should certainly be a part of your strategy. For any event, there are many vendors that offer their services. In fact, event management agencies outsource their entire inventory most of the time. Certainly, you as an individual would also be outsourcing all the services for your event. These may include- decorations, food and catering, light and sound arrangements, and most importantly the venue for hosting the event. If you can negotiate with these vendors personally, you can save a lot on your budget.

Assign Roles & Responsibilities

You certainly cannot handle all the roles. For example, you cannot manage the arrangements and accounting, and decorations at the venue all at the same time. This could drastically reduce the efficiency of your event plan. Additionally, you may also end up getting frustrated, which would eventually reflect in your work. And affect the success of your event, in the end. The best practice is to assign roles and responsibilities to a team of individuals. When you assign roles to your team, ensure that you demand a report of what has been done and what needs to be done further, on a daily basis.

Clear Documentation Can Help Track The Progress

As with any other activity in your business, keeping track of the progress of your event plan is also important. And to maintain this record, you need to keep every task and operation documented. Additionally,  you can make use of a spreadsheet that you can share across with your team. Checking and monitoring daily tasks becomes easier when things are documented. Moreover, when you need to assess the budget and expenses of organizing your event, these documents can prove to be of great help. You can easily track all the transactions that you made, in a day-wise manner.

Keep A Contingency Plan Ready

As already mentioned, changes would keep on coming your way until the event is concluded. Some of these changes may require you to completely re-haul your plan and take another route. For instances like these, keeping a backup plan ready would be wise. For example, if you planned to host your event in the open, and out of nowhere, it starts pouring. You certainly would dread as your event is on the verge of stopping before the conclusion. Keeping an indoor venue as a backup, or portable watersheds can help avoid such problems.

Double-Check Everything

Although, you’ve planned everything keeping in mind every contingency and considering every possible situation, double-checking with your plan would do no harm. In fact, if you double-check your plan, you can rest assured that you are ready to face the worse and host the best event for your guests.

Event management is no rocket science. All it needs is careful planning and sincere arrangements for the essentials. Using these hacks you can rest assured that your event goes as planned.