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Accident At Workplace: How A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

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How A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Accidents do happen at workplaces and their implications can be serious if you get hurt. There are cases when people are badly hurt and may have to go off work for an extended period of time. In the worst-case scenario, you may even lose your employment due to permanent disability. Fortunately, it is possible to claim workers’ compensation insurance in such circumstances because this kind of insurance is specifically meant to pay the medical expenses of victims injured at work.

However, if the insurance company seems to make all efforts to avoid paying up, filing a claim under personal injury law comes ahead as the best option. This law pertains to injuries related to accidents caused due to someone else’s negligence and workplace injuries are covered under it. The right approach in such cases would be to hire a legal professional to handle your case and get you the compensation that is rightfully yours. Here is how a personal injury lawyer can help in workplace injury cases.

Determine whether you have a compensable case

Primarily, you need to know whether you have a compensable case before going ahead with the litigation. Coverage under this law is dependent on certain factors and you need to be eligible to claim compensation. To start with, workers should be doing their job duties while being injured to file a claim. Unless the accident occurs during the course of duties, it will not be considered as a workplace accident and a claim is not permissible in such cases. An experienced personal injury lawyer will review your case and guide you whether you have a case good enough to file a claim.

Ensure that you get a fair settlement or award

When it comes to getting workers compensation for your injuries, a fair settlement or award is something that a victim absolutely deserves. It should not only cover your present and future medical expenses but also the loss of future earnings and suffering due to permanent disability as well. Only an expert professional can assess a rightful claim considering all the key factors and help you in securing it to ensure a better future for you and your family.

Establish your rights as an employee

In addition to getting you the claim amount, a personal injury lawyer can also help you in establishing your right as an employee. Even after the accident, you should be allowed to work at the workplace unless you are incapacitated due to the injury. If you are terminated from your job and the termination was not for just cause, Justin Kimball from Preszler Law ( says that Ontario law requires them to give you written prior notice. This means that your attorney can make sure that the employer cannot terminate you unless they have a good reason.

Fight denials on your behalf

Fighting denials is another way in which a personal injury lawyer can help the victims of workplace accidents. When the victim files a claim with the employer, the insurance company can accept or deny it within a 90 day period.         In case of a denial, you can appeal and fight to get the coverage that you are surely entitled to. The entire proceeding is to be handled with professional expertise, which only a qualified attorney can do the best.

Help you get medical treatment

Surprisingly, having a personal injury lawyer handling your case gives access to medical treatment and care that you are entitled to. Getting medical care in such cases is seldom easy because practitioners usually are not aware of the norms of filling the workplace compensation injury reports and forms. But a legal professional can connect you with a practitioner with the right experience. This means that all your documentation and evidence will be in place once you file the claim, which improves the chances of success manifold.

Answer all the questions you may have

Claiming workplace injury compensation is a complex process as there is a lot involved, from gathering documentation and paperwork to dealing with your employer and handling the insurance company. This often leaves the victims confused and anxious. But an experienced personal injury lawyer can be a good support system because he will probably have answers to all the questions and doubts you may have.

Being compensation for a workplace injury is your right that you must absolutely claim. Having an experienced legal professional by your side keeps your confidence level up and ensures that you come out victorious rather than just being a victim of a mishap.

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