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Agricultural Benefits to Using Bulk Bags

  • August 31, 2020

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Agricultural Benefits to Using Bulk Bags

In the agricultural industry, storing and packaging is a big undertaking that largely determines the overall success of the operation. In order for the packaging system to work properly, it needs to be able to handle lots of different products in bulk and package them efficiently for transportation. While there are numerous ways this can be done, from drums to Gaylord boxes, one packaging method has proven to come with multiple benefits in relation to the agricultural industry. This packaging method is to use bulk bags.

Top Benefits of Bulk Bags

It's no secret that bulk bags are cheaper to use than other methods, relatively safer and also easier to fill and empty ergonomically. They've been known over the years for their durability and also their overall storage capacity which can reach thousands of pounds. Read on to find the top benefits of using bulk bags in agriculture:

1. Bulk Bags are Safe

When working around large storage containers like drums, Gaylord boxes and even bulk bags, there is always a risk of injury. The manual handling of these large containers subjects workers to risks associated with lifting, emptying and transporting them. Because bulk bags typically require a mechanized way of transporting them through either a jack, hoist or forklift, the manual requirements for handling them is reduced - thus reducing the risks for workers and inherently making them safer to use.

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2. Bulk Bags Help With Crop Storage

As anyone in the agricultural industry knows, crop storage is a big deal. The truth is that bulk bags are an ideal solution when it comes to storing crops until they are ready to ship and be sold. Farmers can utilize bulk bags as a storage container for crops as well as any other items or products related to their industry. Since they are easily collapsible when not in use and only fill to as full as the amount of the item inside of them, they are great space savers that don't take up extra room when not in use.

3. Bulk Bags Can Help With the Transportation of Seeds

Obviously, crop storage and transportation is at the forefront of bulk bag usage, but seeds and fertilizer are other similar products that can be transported easily through the use of bulk bags. Seeds need to be kept in dry and cool conditions, and bulk bags offer exactly that.