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Applying for Life Insurance? Keep these Points in Mind

  • July 26, 2020

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Applying for Life Insurance

Life insurances are a practical way to make sure you don’t leave your family members and loved ones burdened with finances. Here’s how life insurance or funeral insurance works; you select a company to buy life insurance from and you select a plan suitable for you. You will have to keep paying a certain amount (premium) every month till the time of your death (obviously). Now the premium keeps getting collected but if something unfortunate happens which results in your death, then your family will get the full coverage of the life insurance that you bought. Although, everything is not so straight forward. You need to keep some points in mind while purchasing life insurance. Let’s have a look at them.

The Age Factor

Age plays a huge role in deciding how much life insurance is going to cost you. To put it simply, life insurance is cheaper for you if you’re young and keeps getting expensive as you grow old. So, if you are in your 20’s then you will have to pay a lighter premium than that of a 40-year-old guy. Things will cost more than double if you are in your 80’s and are looking to purchase life insurance. This is the reason why insurance agents urge you to get life insurance for yourself and your loved ones when you are young. Even at the mid-age of 40, life insurance can get a little expensive to pay off with the other burdens of finances on your head.

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Health Complications

You need to keep in mind that the life insurance agents carefully scrutinize your health report and do a medical checkup on their own before selling you their life insurance policy. This is because some health conditions can make you unqualified for life insurances. These are complications like severe heart diseases, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes (stage 2) and so on. Although experts at have determined that some diseases like cancer and diabetes can be monitored for 6-8 months to check the recovery of the patient’s health before approving them for the insurance. Still, the premium for such patients will be comparatively much higher than a healthy person of the same age.


Believe it or not, your profession can sometimes jeopardize your plans involving your life insurance. You always have a budget saved up in your head before you purchase life insurance but it can very quickly be tossed away due to your profession. Some professions that involve occupational hazards like miners, construction site workers, pilots, truck drivers, etc. can make it very hard for you to get your life insurance approved. The risk of facing a fatal accident in these professions is high so for understandable reasons the companies are hesitant to provide you with life insurance. Though they do sometimes agree on giving the life insurance away to you but that too on very high premium rates.

Avoid health checkups

life insurance includes a lot of variables that have the potential to hamper your life insurance plans. Facing rejection on certain grounds is the biggest cause of worry for people who have health issues. Even if you’re a smoker then you would be worried about not getting an approval from life insurance. Though on a bright side medical conditions and smoking does not always imply total rejections. There are certain companies now that can help you skip the medical altogether. Such companies form a special kind of life insurance plan for you that does not require a health checkup or health details for its approval. Similarly, some companies have also started giving approvals for insurance for smokers.

Life insurance is truly a blessing for a lot of people who want to financially secure their loved ones after they pass away. They are so common now that makes it vital for you to know and understand the aforementioned points. Keeping such points in mind will no doubt make you well prepared when you go to buy your life insurance.