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Are You Eligible For One Of These Grants?

  • January 12, 2023

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Grants are essentially ‘free money’ that is given out by the government or charities to select individuals. Unlike a loan that you have to pay back, a grant never has to be paid back. Of course, not everyone can receive a grant - you’ll likely have to meet strict eligibility requirements. Grants are also not given out automatically and typically require filing an application form (sometimes by a certain time) in order to receive the money.

A lot of grants do not receive much advertising, and as a result many people do not realize that they exist. For those in the know, grants can often be a huge help. 

But just what types of grants exist? This post lists some of the different types of grants you can apply for in the US and their eligibility requirements, so that you can get an idea of the options that are out there for you.

Disability aid

If you or a member of your family has a diagnosed disability, you may be eligible for a range of grants.

Several of these grants can help pay for home or vehicle modifications for specific people with disabilities. This includes financial assistance grants for those with disabled kids under 18, grants for disabled veterans, and grants for disabled individuals living in certain states.

Grants can also be found for specific disabilities and health conditions. Individuals with autism can receive up to $5000 for emergency treatment, while autistic people of color can receive a further $500. Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas and Colorado meanwhile offer grants for those with neurological conditions and injuries. Residents of Missouri on the other hand can receive grants to help with amputation-related costs such as prosthetics.

This guide to disability grants offers more information on all of these grants and how to apply for them.

Substance abuse treatment 

The SABG (Substance Abuse Prevention And Treatment Block Grant) is a grant that is available to all 50 states to help with the funding of substance abuse treatment programs. It does not provide money to individuals, however it can help fund various free services that can vary from state to state.

Some states do also provide grants to individuals battling substance abuse. This can help those who may not be able to afford services like therapy or rehab to afford these treatments. You can find more information on these substance abuse treatment grants here.

Mental health treatment

The government similarly provides a grant to help fund mental health services known as a MHBG (Mental Health Services Block Grant). Some states use this to provide free treatment services for those with mental health issues.

Grants for individuals are available through various charities. Some of these are only available in certain states, while others are targeted at treatment for specific mental health issues like PTSD or post-partum depression. You can find more information on these grants for mental health at this page

Senior care

There are a few grants available to senior citizens and their carers. This includes a number of federal and state schemes, as well as various financial assistance from charities.

Senior care grants are typically targeted towards specific costs. For example, the Capital Assistance Program for Elderly Persons and Persons With Disabilities can help pay for costs like transportation, while USDA Repair Grants can pay for home repairs for homeowners over 62 living in rural areas. As a result, it may be possible to apply for multiple grants. Your local state Department of Aging may be able to offer more advice on how to apply for these grants.

Education support

Need help paying for college tuition fees or resources such as books? On top of looking into student loans and scholarships, you may be able to apply for student grants available through your local state Department of Education. These are typically only available to students with parents living on a certain income. 

Some grants can help to pay for specific equipment such as laptops. Other grants can help with costs such as college accommodation. College student support services can sometimes help to provide advice on how to apply for these grants.

A number of educational grants are also available for schools and educators that can help to pay for expenses like books and equipment. These could be worth looking into if you work in education and are struggling to pay for resources.

Small business funding

Launching a startup? Or perhaps you already run a business and need help with running costs? There could be various grants out there that you can apply for to help fund your business.

Such grants are typically only available to small businesses with a maximum employee count and revenue under a certain amount. Some of these grants are targeted at specific demographics such as the Amber Grant for Women and Minority Business Development Agency grants, while others are more general. In some cases, you may have to enter a competition in order to win a grant due to the demand. This post offers more information on small business grants and how to apply to them.  

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Green energy 

Rising energy bills and growing awareness of climate change has urged more homeowners and business owners to switch to green energy sources such as solar power and wind power. However, installing these sustainable energy generators can be a big investment.

Using a grant it may be possible to help pay for the installation of solar panels or wind turbines on your property. The Rural Energy For America Program is one program that offers green energy grants to business owners and agricultural producers in rural areas. There are also some local charities such as CollectiveSun that provide funding for installation of solar panels.

First-time homebuyer support 

Are you looking to buy your first home? If so, have you looked into local and state cash grants? Depending on where you live and your income, you may be eligible for a grant between $500 and $50,000 to put towards a down payment on a property.

These are not the only form of financial support available to first-time buyers. Some first-time buyers are also eligible for discounted mortgages and even low and no down payment mortgages. Check out this article to find out more about first time buyer financial assistance programs

Natural disaster recovery

Natural disasters can cause huge amounts of damage, which your average person typically cannot afford to pay to repair. Fortunately, there are grants out there that can help to pay for natural disaster recovery, as well as providing food and temporary shelter. Not everyone who applies is guaranteed one of these grants, but they are worth looking into.

FEMA is one of the biggest providers of financial assistance to victims of natural disasters. On top of offering grants to pay for food and shelter, FEMA  can provide grants to help pay for hazard mitigation and preparedness before a disaster occurs. These disaster support grants are worth looking into if you live in a high risk area where you may not be able to get insured.

Funeral assistance

Many states offer funeral assistance programs that are largely untapped. If a loved one has passed away and you cannot afford their funeral, it is important that you look into these programs.

Certain states offer burial assistance grants of up to $1,700. Some charities can meanwhile provide further funding for other funeral costs. It is worth doing your research into these financial assistance programs.