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3 Easy Ways To Save The Deposit For Your First House

ways to save the deposit for your first house

Getting on the property ladder for the first time is harder than ever. Prices are going up all the time and wage increases don’t reflect the rising house prices. The biggest hurdle that first time buyers face is saving up the money for a deposit.

This is especially difficult if you’re already spending a huge chunk of your wages on excessive rent. You might be tempted to just give up and carry on renting forever but there’s no need to be so drastic, you just need to change your spending habits in a few simple ways and you’ll find it so much easier to save the money you need for a deposit. Read more

Debt Doesn’t Have To Get You Down

Debt Doesn't Have To Get You Down

Got debt? Check out today's contributed post. After all, debt doesn't have to get you down! Enjoy!


If that title made your eyes balk and your stomach churn, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. But honestly? Debt doesn’t have to be all bad, and that’s the first thing we should understand about money. After all, there’s good debt out there, even if you don’t believe such a thing could exist!

Debt doesn’t have to get you down, seeing as mostly everyone in the world lives with some kind of debt on their plate and still manage to lead stable lives. You don’t have to be any different, even if you’re feeling like you’re in trouble with lenders already.

It’s time to change your perception and make yourself happier because of your relatively good financial health, even with a failing repayment plan on your shoulders! And if you still need some convincing, here’s a couple of the main reasons debt isn’t going to destroy you.  Read more

How I Paid Off $20,000 in Student Loan Debt

student loan debt

Remember when you just graduated college?  The very last thing you ever thought about was student loan debt.

After all, you were so excited to take on the world.  You thought you had a plan for your life and, if you were lucky, you had a job lined up before graduation.

No, you didn't worry about budgets.  You probably didn't even know what debt was.  Wasn't a bill something your parents paid?

Then, you get your first paycheck and it's not as big as you would hoped.  Taxes and all other fun stuff rob you of that juicy gross income.  Further, you get smacked with a student loan bill that you may have not even realized existed.

When Anna and I were just starting out, we neglected to keep a budget.  We paid for the big television package that had all the interesting business channels that we enjoyed watching.  Yes, we are news and financial nerds.

One Saturday night, in particular, we sat down to watch some TV before bed and on came Dave Ramsey on the Fox Business Network.  His opening line was (which is all too familiar to us now) was about living like no one else, so that someday you can live like no one else.

That line really stuck with us.  And it lead to a big mindset shift for us.Read more

4 Best Tips To Save Money For Your Child’s College

save money for your child's college

Looking to save money for your child's college? Check out our tips in today's contributed post. Enjoy!


College will be one of the hardest and most expensive tests that you will face during parenthood. Although you have plenty of time to prepare, the threat of your child’s large college tuition bill will always loom large.

College tuition prices continue to rise, making many parents scared that they won’t be able to afford to send their child to college. While it may be difficult, there are some financial adjustments that you can make that will make paying for your child’s college education much more manageable. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to be better prepared for that dreaded college tuition bill.Read more

6 Ways Your Land Can Make You Money

ways your land can make you money

Do you own a parcel of land and you're just letting it sit there costing your money each month? Maybe you're not ready to build or something along those lines. Whatever it is, today's contributed post teaches us 6 ways your land can make you money. Enjoy!


One of the goals for many people is to buy a property. Whether this is to live in right now, rent out to someone else and bring in an income or simply to have on a portfolio, renovate and sell, a property being bought is like ticking a box. Achievement unlocked: property has been bought. The one thing that most people don’t put on those achievement lists is the purchase of land. It’s got quite the romantic appeal to it, land.

Owning a piece of the earth and knowing you can choose to do whatever you would like on it is a big deal, and the reality of owning land is that it can go two very different ways: you could make a lot of cash by doing something with it, or you can let it become overgrown and earn nothing.Read more

4 Financial Moves To Make When Tragedy Strikes

financial moves to make when tragedy strikes

Today's contributed post covers some financial moves to make when tragedy strikes. It's never pleasant to think about, but it's always best to be prepared.


There’s nothing worse than losing a loved one. Unfortunately, tragedy can strike at any money because accidents happen. The last thing anyone wants to think about is money; grief the always the primary emotion.

At some point, it becomes important to divide the assets fair and equally. It’s not nice but it is part of the process and can help people deal with their feelings. Dealing with the deceased’s estate is by no means a simple task. There are wills to gather and lawyers to speak to, and that’s before the inevitable in-fighting.

To help, here are the moves you should make.Read more

4 Golden Rules That Will Take Your Investments To The Next Level

take your investments to the next level

Are you looking to take your investments to the next level? Sure, who isn't? Well, today's contributed post offers 4 golden rules of investing you'll want to consult first. Enjoy!


Thinking about investing your money? Good, you’ve already made a fantastic financial decision. There are almost too many things you can invest in these days, which makes things very confusing for a lot of people. Everyone is looking for the ‘best’ investment, but I’m here to tell you that all things can be good investments if you play your cards right.Read more

Good Debt vs Bad Debt: The Differences Between the Two

good debt vs bad debt

Let's get something straight: not all debt is created equal.  There is good debt, which gives you an opportunity to make money and there is bad debt, which you continue to dump money into with no expectation for return.  While the differences can be subtle, anybody trying to become more financially literate must know the fundamentals behind good debt vs bad debt.Read more

Is Partially Owning An Airplane Worth The Money?

owning an airplane worth the money

Have you ever thought about an aircraft timeshare? It wasn't on the top of my list either. But, today's contributed post could help you determine whether partially owning an airplane is worth the money.


Timeshares used to be a popular investment option but in recent years, they’ve fallen out of fashion. Timeshares on vacation properties involved a lot of tricky contracts that are very difficult to get out of and most advice warns you against these kinds of timeshares.

However, there is still one timeshare that is gaining in popularity and is a far more sensible investment option; aircraft timeshares. If you’ve got a bit of cash to invest and you’re not sure where to put it, here is a quick guide to aircraft timeshares to help you decide whether it’s right for you. Read more

3 Times In Your Life You’ll Need A Lawyer

3 Times In Your Life You'll Need A Lawyer

In need of legal help? At some point in our lives, we must enlist the help of a lawyer. Today's contributed post covers 3 times in your life you'll need a lawyer. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


There are a lot of years ahead in life, and not all of those years are going to be happy or easy ones. Within all the time that you spend as a family, working your butt off to get to the top in your career and negotiating the big-ticket items like houses, you’re going to find a few instances that you will need a lawyer in your life. No one thinks that they will ever actually use the services of a law firm, even when they have the money in their emergency funds to cover legal expenses should they ever need them.

Everyone needs legal advice at some point, whether they’re buying their house or contesting a speeding ticket. Sometimes you can manage without a lawyer by your side, but unless you have a good grasp of the legal system already, you really need to get some help. Read more