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Bad Habits into Good Ones

  • September 30, 2022

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woman drinking and smoking

Humans are creatures of habit. Unfortunately, some of the habits we pick up and integrate into our daily lives are less than good for our health and sometimes our wealth.

If you are currently struggling with bad habits and you want to change that, below you will find some techniques that can help you transform throes bad habits into more positive ones, helping you to maintain good health and much healthier finances.

Look for your triggers

Most of us will perform a bad habit after we have been triggered to do so. For example, some people overeat when they have had a stressful day at work and some people succumb to smoking when they are out drinking with their buddies. When you know your triggers, you can either avoid them more often, if possible so that you do not end up succumbing to a bad habit, or you can plan better ways of dealing with them, which brings us to…

Do something else instead

This might deem overly simplistic but hear me out; if you can find a way to replace a bad habit like smoking which puts a huge dent in your family finances and ruins your health, with one that is better for you, and which you also enjoy, like reading a good book or going for a walk around the block. then it is easier to fall back on the good habit when you are triggered. You won’t succeed every time, at least at first, but eventually, you will come to rely on the good habit instead of the bad one.

Seek support

It’s hard to break the habits of a lifetime without support, so whether you get in touch with professional help from the likes of Delphi Health Group for your addiction or you find a friend who also struggles with overeating to go on the journey with you, be sure that you have people around you who have your back and encourage you to turn those bad habits into good ones.

Map out your ideal life

Writing a life plan or mindmap of what you want your life to look like in the future when you have broken your bad habit and replaced it with a good one can be excellent motivation. Not how the money you saved on alcohol has enabled you to buy a bigger house or how giving up smoking has made you fitter so you can spend more time with the kids and look at it whenever you’re faltering. It will really help to focus your will.

Take it slow

You won’t transform your bad habits in a day and if you try and fail, you will lose motivation, so take it slow and steady and you will win this particular race.

Turning bad habits into good ones can take time, and there will often be setbacks along the ya, but if you stay on the path, pick yourself up when you falter, and keep going, you will get there in the end and life will be even better. You got this.