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Is Being An Adult A Nightmare?

  • November 30, 2017

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This is a rather straightforward, tough talk style contribution today on being an adult in today's world. Since it's for informational purposes only, please make sure to consult a financial professional before acting on any advice. Got it?

being an adult

Learning to "adult" in this day and age really is a nightmare.

As soon as you hit 16, most parents expect you to get a part time job whilst you’re at school. From there, life just goes downhill in pretty much every way. To begin with you have school, socializing, family life, and work to deal with. Unless you’re a privileged and your parents supported you until you left college.

Then, as you become an adult, you’ll realize life just keeps getting harder. You have to try and manage bills, family life, socializing, and work, but you’ll suddenly realize that doing all of that was much easier when you were working at 16.

Not only do we have to go through all of this, there’s so many other issues we face as we get older as well. This article is going to explore a few of them.

The Unexpected

There are certain things you grow up understanding. You’ll have to pay bills, have a car to get around, and so on. But there are hidden things that nobody seems to tell you about that you need to do in order to become a successful adult.

One of them is insurance. Insurance for your house, your possessions, and you. All of these are so important. If your house gets broken into, you’re going to need some form of insurance if you want some compensation. You’re also going to want to be looking out for your family if anything happens to you, this is where life insurance comes into play.

Picking the right one can be hard, so there are life insurance tips online to help you. If anything does ever go wrong, it’ll cover them financially where you won’t be able to. People usually pay into these as soon as they start a family, but some parents advise their children to set up life insurance once they go to college.

Then you need to make sure you’ve got some savings set aside for unexpected breakdowns, house issues and the like. Money doesn’t grow on tree’s, and if you don’t have some savings behind you it could see you getting into issues with loans.

Life's Struggles

Once you start your own family, you’ll most likely understand the meaning of struggling.

It is hard to get a well paid job nowadays. Plus, as soon as a lot of people start a family, they begin to realize that money becomes a struggle. There’s just so many mouths to feed, and as they’re growing they require so much in terms of attention, and things to be bought for the.

A lot of us really struggle with family life, some even becoming homeless because they simply can’t afford to support a family. This is where planning comes into play. If you know you’re starting, or about to start a family, you need to make sure you’re financially prepared. Sometimes little surprises come along, so if you weren’t prepared for the news, you still have 9 months left to gather some savings.

You’ll then need to try and make sure you balance a romantic life with your partner, as well as a social one. The more people you have around you the more supported you’ll feel.

Teaching Your Kids

A lot of people will run into money issues in their life for one reason other another, but they struggle to get out of them because nobody ever told them how to. The issues this can cause are horrible, especially when money is involved.

Schools definitely don’t teach children the important life lessons they need to learn, so it is down to you to teach them the importance of money and what to do with it. Teach them how to manage it, and split it between different things such as bills, food shopping, owning a car etc. They’ll value the information so much when they get older.

You also need to try and teach them the importance of saving. A lot of children will get some money from you, run to the store and buy as much chocolate as they can, only to come back to you the next day for more. Try and teach them to spread their money out rather than spend it all at once.

A lot of us adults will admit even we are bad at this. Showing them how to save money is also important. Buy them a little jar that they can keep in their room to start saving pennies. When the jar is full, give them a treat as a reward for being able to save the money. The same principle will apply when they’re older. They’ll learn to save and then treat themselves when the time is right.

So, readers, what do you think? Is being an adult really that painful or do we just have to be more responsible? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments.