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Seasonal Blogging: Could It Boost Your Blog?

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Want to start a blog? We have a great contributed post today on the benefits of seasonal blogging. Check it out and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

benefits of seasonal blogging

If there’s anyone who feels a bit of writer’s block from time to time, it’s a blogger. It can be difficult to find ideas for a blog, particularly if you’re always looking to do something new and different.

Seasonal blogging can be a useful blogging strategy that allows you to capitalize on the moment and hook readers in with some useful content that’s current and exciting. Want to boost your blog? Read more about the benefits of seasonal blogging below.

What is seasonal blogging?

Seasonal blogging relates to blogging about things that are related to the time of year. For example, it’s almost Valentine’s Day, so some Valentine’s Day-themed blogs could help you attract readers who could be looking for gift guides, relationship advice or date ideas. Seasonal blogging allows you to plan some great content for the year ahead, with blogs posts that are not only relevant to the time of year but could be re-promoted next year if you too.

Finding seasonal blogging ideas

Finding seasonal blogging ideas can be quite easy, and much easier than generating dozens of other blog posts ideas off the top your head. Think about the sorts of content you’d expect to see at different times of year such as ‘How to spend your Labor Day weekend’ or a Christmas shopping guide.

There are some ideas you can get by using cheeky ways to spy on your competitors. Figure out their keywords and what their content is to see if there are ideas you can adapt for your own blog.

How to promote seasonal blogs

Seasonal blogs can do a lot of work of selling themselves, but there are some good strategies you can use too. There are many ways to promote your blog on social media that will help drive traffic to your blog, so make sure you use keywords and hashtags that appeal to the season.

Have you ever tried promoting your blog using Pinterest to make money? Pinterest is great for seasonal blogs and provided you have the right imagery and content, could be a way to increase your subscribers who are introduced to you via your seasonal posts.

Seasonal blogging ideas

The great thing about seasonal blogging is that you can make a content plan at the beginning of the year to help you plan content in advance. Some ideas worth considering include:

You can build up some great content that is centered on what time of year it is, ideal for ensuring that you always have posts to put out. You could even do a series of posts related to the same topic to help you make the most of the season and provide a more in-depth guide to readers.

When it comes to finding content for your blog, thinking ahead is always worthwhile. With seasonal content, you can find plenty of ideas to keep your blog fresh and make it a must-visit destination for useful, fresh content. Start thinking of ideas for how you can use seasonal blogging to boost your blog over the coming year.

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