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Best Indoor Walking Routine

  • March 8, 2019

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Indoor Walking Routine

Exercising outdoors is enjoyable and brings a lot of health benefits. Some workouts, such as walking, jogging, or cycling, are fun when done outdoors. However, you may find yourself stuck indoors for a while. To keep up with your training, you may be forced you to move your walking routine indoors.

Here are some of the ways that can help you keep up your training routine even when you're bound indoors.

Create a Training Routine

Developing an indoor workout plan is a significant step if you want to be successful in maintaining your health and fitness levels.Aside from walking add other types of exercises that you're comfortable with and those that you enjoy.

Doing exercises that you enjoy will help you keep up the enthusiasm levels such that you will always be looking forward to your next sweat session.

Set Your Target

Having targets, goals or minor milestones will help you keep track of your progress. For example, you can set a target of 15 pushups per day for starters. Once you're comfortable with doing the 15 pushups, you can add extra in the coming weeks.

For your house walking drill, you can set the number of steps that you plan on completing daily.

Always set small targets that you can achieve quickly.

Now that you have your routine and goals right, it’s time you move to the next step, understanding the proper house walking routine.

If you are struggling with fitness, or just recovering from injury, you can also throw in your favorite workout supplement from to help you bring your form up to scratch.

You Can use a Treadmill

If you have a treadmill, achieving your daily number of steps will be much easier. Besides, you can play around with the inclines to add extra resistance to your workout.Additional resistance will force you to use more energy which will translate to burning more calories than usual.

No Treadmill? No Problem.

If you don’t own a treadmill, you can still walk around your house, it still counts. For this, it is essential you get yourself a pedometer or another fitness device that will help you keep track of the number of steps.

Additionally, if there is a staircase within your house, you can try going up a flight of stairs as fast as you can. Once you get to the top, briskly walk down and then go up again until you can’t go anymore.

The main agenda here is to ensure you achieve your daily target by all means possible.

Proper Walking Posture

Using the correct body posture will help you workout and engage all your muscles when walking. Ideally, have your shoulders loose, chest pushed forward, and back straight. Additionally, avoid over-striding, as you may injure your leg muscles.

Other Workouts That You Can Include

Walking brings excellent results when incorporated with a few strength training drills. Some strength workouts include pushups, squats, lunges, and burpees.

For instance, you can do a set of 10 burpees but, instead of taking a rest, walk around your house before doing another set.