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The Best Interview Questions To Ask Candidates

  • July 6, 2022

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The Best Interview Questions To Ask Candidates

When the time comes for you to hire for a new position or replacement, you know the mountain of work that lies before you. Recruitment is no easy feat and can take you nearly a month to attract, find, and screen a potential pool of applicants before you even get to hiring. Moreover, with so many people looking for jobs, you will likely receive a wide variety of applicants, making it even more challenging to cut down. One of the best ways to help you narrow down the potential candidates is by asking the best interview questions.

Your Company

Try to brainstorm any questions you could pose that directly relate to what your company does. For example, if teamwork is a huge aspect of the job, consider asking a question about that or prompt them for a personal example of good teamwork. If you are struggling to attract and hire the best talent, then curating your questions is a great place to start.

Moreover, consider asking them a question about your company itself. For example, you can prompt them to answer various questions related to their understanding of what the company does and why they feel interested in the role. This type of question will show you how prepared and interested in your company they are.

Typical Role

To gain some insight into what the previous candidates' jobs thought of them, consider asking them about their typical roles on teams. This type of question will give you better insight into whether the role is the best fit for them. Ask them about previous projects they worked on—was their role supportive or leadership-based? Moreover, if you are looking to fill other positions within the company, this question can help you ascertain if you can support their career advancement into other roles.

Coworker Relations

Personality is a huge aspect of being part of a workforce that many companies tend to disregard. Companies think that if a candidate is a great fit on paper, they will mesh seamlessly into the work culture. However, that is not always the case, and a clash of personality and culture can lead to worker unhappiness, which you want to avoid altogether. During their interview, it is best to ask your candidate some questions about their previous coworker relations and how they got along with everyone.

Previous Disagreements

Of course, we know that everyone cannot agree on everything at their jobs, and differences in opinion are bound to occur. However, how we go about solving these differences and coming to a mutually beneficial conclusion makes all the difference and shows a person's true character. That is why you should consider asking your potential hire about any disagreements they have had with a colleague or supervisor at previous jobs and how they handled them. Their answer will show you everything you need to know about whether they will be a good fit for your company.