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Best Money-Making Apps

  • April 11, 2022

If you're reading this, I'm earning money in some way. I was compensated with money and/or product. Thanks for helping to feed my family. I also may have a financial interest in companies named. Please see our disclosure for more information. Also, any advice provided is for informational purposes only. I'm not an accountant, lawyer, doctor, fitness expert, or nutrition specialist. So, talk to a professional before acting on anything you read, watch, or listen to below. Get your own advice and do your own research. Email me at [email protected] with questions.


We’re constantly on our phones. From uploading a new picture to following our favorite creator, smartphones play a big role in our connected lives. But wouldn’t it be nice if we started using this mini computer in our palms to make some money on the side. I’m not talking Scrooge McDuck-amounts of money. But if you’re willing to commit a few hours each day, you should be able to make enough to stop worrying about a few minor expenses here and there.


Do you practice safe driving habits? Well, then you should be rewarded. That’s the idea behind 

OnMyWay, which rewards drivers who don’t text and drive. Distracted drivers are responsible for a vast majority of deaths among young adults. Simply download the app on your Android or iOS phone, and it will automatically activate once you drive over 10 MPH. For each mile you do not text and drive, you’re awarded points that can be redeemed for cash cards, gift cards or gas cards. You can also refer a friend and get compensated. The company claims to have prevented about 29,000 accidents and saved more than 180 lives.

Blackout Bingo

Honestly, I could write several articles on all the bingo games you can play to make some extra money. But, Blackout Bingo is arguably the most famous one, and for good reason. The company behind the game claims that from July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2021, people playing Blackout Bingo won an average of $71,379 per hour. But here’s the kicker: you’ll have to pony up cash to win some money. Skillz, which powers the game, said its more than 30 million players have made in excess of $60 million. Still, you can’t reasonably expect to make bank on your first day playing the game.


Evidation is another player in the crowded health for wealth space, but with a twist. While other such companies only reward users for hitting a weight target, with Evidation you can also earn points for meditating, logging your meals and sleep, and answering a few questions about yourself. You can also participate in health programs and contribute to research in order to earn points. You can then redeem these points via PayPal, direct deposit or gift card. The company says 10,000 points are equivalent to $10. Evidation claims to have paid $7 million to users.


You can join UrbanSitters as a babysitter or a nanny to make some extra cash. There are both full-time and part time gigs available. In addition, you can also sign up to become a tutor, pet sitter or someone who can run a few errands here and there. Create a profile with some basic information like your experience and you’re good to go. You will have to pass a background check, however. You set your own schedule and hourly rates. And here’s the best part: as a service provider, you get to keep 100% of what you earn because UrbanSitters doesn’t take a cut. The company says you can earn up to $1,000 per week.


You could potentially make up to $19 a month selling your internet browsing history to Honeygain. But there are a few moving parts. Where you live and your internet speed are some of the factors that go into determining how much you can earn in a month. And if you’ve been referred by a friend, you can earn $5 for signing up too. You’ll need to earn $20 to be able to cashout via PayPal, and the company says the average time to reach that number is 48 days. This is a completely passive way to earn income because you’ll just going about your usual browsing habits. The company claims to have made $500,000 in payments to users who have downloaded Honeygain.


You can make $10 to $15 per hour via the grocery delivery service. There are two ways to make money: you can either be a full-service shopper responsible for buying the items and delivering them to the specific address, or you can be a store shopper preparing a customer’s order. Both have their benefits; the latter doesn’t require you to own a vehicle and you can have a flexible schedule. But in-store shoppers can receive tips, increasing their earning potential. You will be paid via direct deposit.

Jasir Jawaid is a writer for the personal finance website, Joy Wallet, which provides readers with useful information, resources, and tools to help maximize their financial fitness.