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Best Ways to Update Your Storefront

  • June 11, 2021

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Many stores keep the same look, design, and layout across many years, but as stores stay the same, technology and design choices evolve. Changes happen so gradually over the years that it is often challenging to spot when something looks outdated. Some of the best ways to update your storefront don’t require extensive renovations or massive overhauls; often, making a few simple changes will keep your business up with the times and in line with the trends.

Upgraded Inventory Management

Keeping track of what items come in, what you’ve stored in the back, and when a customer purchased a product can prove difficult without the necessary equipment. RFID guns and similar forms of technology are now ubiquitous in larger store chains and have been for several years now, streamlining the chore of inventory management.

Smart Technology

There are even apps and attachments for smartphones that act as RFID guns, making it possible to save money while still allowing any employee to check what’s in stock.

Improved Lighting

Stores have many expenses to think about from month to month, including the lease, employee payroll, and regular maintenance costs. One aspect that often goes neglected is the lighting inside a store and ways to increase its quality. This is essential for customer experience and employees as well.

Switch Out Old Fixtures

Advancements in LED lighting make it commercially available for both businesses and homes to increase the levels and quality of light while reducing monthly electric costs. But with this new lighting, you need to consider how to best install and place these fixtures for optimal coverage.

Update Your Physical and Digital Space

Always consider how you present your store to the public, both in-person and on the internet. Signs and decorations degrade over time, and you need to be on top of restorations and updates. Make sure signs are clean, legible, and designed properly; never underestimate the power of high-quality graphic design.

An Online Hub for Your Business

In the last 10 to 15 years, an online presence has become far more important for companies, whether you’re considering social media accounts or professional business websites. Neglecting the online space means ignoring an entire section of potential customers who otherwise would never have found your business.

When Was the Last Time Your Store Made Changes?

Take some time to think about when the last major overhaul of design and processes was. If it has been several years, you may want to look into strategies to upgrade your business to fit in with modern methods. While changes may be expensive in the short term, they’re valuable investments that encourage increased customer interest and greater efficiency behind the scenes—both of which are essential to a booming business.