Are They Life Lessons? Situations That Can Be A Money Worrier And How To Overcome Them

  • March 5, 2019

Life, it would seem to be, is one big roller coaster ride. You have the amazing highs, the climb up to the biggest points, the great life situations that have you beaming from one side of your face to the other. This could be money coming into your life, promotions in your job, starting a family, getting married, life-changing moments for sure. Read more

How to Make Your Money Go Further 

  • March 3, 2019

How to Make Your Money Go Further 

Most people would like to earn more. We work really hard for our money – putting the hours in at work, setting up a second business on the side – but it sometimes feels like our paychecks never quite match up to the effort we’re putting in.

There are lots of clever ways to remedy this, but one alternative not as frequently explored is ‘how we can spend less’ as opposed to ‘how we can make more’. It might sound like the less attractive of the two options, but if you shop savvy you can get just as much for your money without having to opt for overtime.

If that sounds good to you, here are a few top tips to get you started.Read more

9 Daily Habits To Help Achieve Your Business Goals

  • March 3, 2019

9 Daily Habits To Help Achieve Your Business Goals

Do you ever look up to business leaders and wondered, what do they do in their daily lives to make them so successful? Well, the key to success is really down to you – starting with your personal behaviours. There are various aspects of your day-to-day that you can improve on. By developing productivity-inducing habits, you can instantly feel more motivated and empowered to progress in your career and achieve your business goals! Here are 9 habits that you can incorporate in your routine to maximise your every day.Read more

A Primer on Boosting Your Physical and Financial Health

  • March 3, 2019

A Primer on Boosting Your Physical and Financial Health

When people think of being financially successful, they often think of grit, sacrifice, sleepless nights, and all that kind of stuff.

Of course, there’s no denying that in order to make a success of a business, you will have to work hard, with consistency, and make some sacrifices in other areas of your life.

What is not true, however, is that in order to make a success of your business you’ve got to ruin your health by doing things like sleeping radically too few hours each night, failing to take proper nutrition into account, and so on.

In fact, living your life this way is only a fast track to the day when you have to Google search terms like urgent care center near me. And, even before things really come to a head, you’ll find that this kind of lifestyle makes you radically less – not more – productive.

So, here are some basic beginner tips on how to boost your physical and financial health, side by side.

Do things that make you feel strong and proud of yourself, not the reverse

If you stay up all night, every night, you will not feel “strong” or “healthy.” And if you constantly slack off at work, and check social media instead of grinding away at your business, you will not feel “proud”, or “productive.”

Simply paying attention to how you feel, and aligning your actions with what makes you feel strong and proud of yourself instead of the reverse, can go a surprisingly long way towards putting you on the right track for financial and physical health.

If something feels badly wrong in your life, it’s a sign that you’ve got to inspect and address something.

Find the point of balance and positive tension in everything you do

“Balance” often sounds a lot like “laziness” to ambitious, driven people – whether amateur athletes or entrepreneurs.

The thing is, if you lack all balance in your life, you will inevitably burn out.

By all means, you must maintain a certain degree of “positive tension” in order to stimulate growth in the different areas of your life. Things shouldn’t be “easy.” But they should be “balanced.”

After training in the gym, you need to rest for your muscles to grow bigger and stronger. Likewise, after a hard, productive day in the office, you need to spend some time doing other things in order to unwind and rejuvenate.

Focus on incremental improvements from yesterday

Many people who are striving to be fitter, or more financially successful, will compare themselves unfavourably to other people who have achieved great things.

This is only likely to lead to imbalance, dissatisfaction, and insecurity.

The best way to pursue growth, is to focus on incremental improvements from yesterday. Are you moving your business steadily in the right direction? Are you consistently performing your workouts?

“Slow and steady wins the race” is a well-established saying for a reason. You don’t want to be too slow, but incremental improvements each day are the path to success.

Cash Confusion: Taking Financial Frustrations Out Of Your Life

  • February 25, 2019

Taking Financial Frustrations Out Of Your Life

If looking after money were an easy task, just about everyone in the modern world would have a small fortune behind them. Of course, though, in reality, this side of life is one of the hardest their is, with most people struggling with it at some point in their lives, and the work which comes with it being very confusing. Like many of the less entertaining parts of life, you can usually give this sort of work to someone else to handle. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring your money, giving you way to take away the frustrations which can come with it.Read more

Is Financial Stress Contributing To Your Poor Health?

  • February 20, 2019

financial stress

There are many things that can make us anxious from day to day. Many of us worry about how our kids are doing in school or whether our job offers the stability we need. It's also extremely common to feel anxious about money. Then, financial fear can result. Even when we're doing well, it's common to wonder things like, "But, how long will this last?" "Is financial hardship just around the corner?"

If money-related worries are always on your mind, there's a good chance that you'll experience related health problems. That's because being upset about money could cause additional stress that leads to poor health.

Stress May Interfere With Your Sleep

Sleep is essential to help the body get restored from all that happened during waking hours. But, a phenomenon called stress-related insomnia happens when people are so stressed that they can't sleep. This problem manifests with some telltale symptoms such as extremely tense muscles and a racing heart.

If they sound familiar to you, try to wind down with some breathing exercises. Also, if things like your smartphone or the TV contribute to your stress, remove those things from your sleeping area to reduce the likelihood they'll distract you.

When you get a good night of sleep, the chances go up that you can conquer stress when you're awake. You'll feel more energized, too.

Stress Causes Short-Term Blood Pressure Spikes

Scientists know that excessive stress causes a rise in blood pressure, but they aren't sure if prolonged stress could cause ongoing problems with high blood pressure. In any case, periods of high blood pressure put an extra strain on your heart and blood vessels. If you are already someone who struggles with keeping your blood pressure under control, financial-related stress definitely isn't helping.

Sometimes, people who are dealing with financial instability feel so terrified that they start dwelling on the worst things that could happen instead of proactively looking for solutions. Don Gayhardt knows the value of offering solutions to people who may have felt hopeless. His helps people through short-term loans. Consider whether getting a short-term loan could help you get out of your current circumstances.

Pondering what you can do in the near future is typically much more fruitful than worrying about what could happen, and a short-term loan is one example of something you could apply for soon. Taking steps to solve your situation could help you feel more at ease overall, plus reduce your raised blood pressure.

Stress Can Wreak Havoc on Mental Health

When people think about health, they often do so in a purely physical sense. But, it's crucial to also view health as something that encompasses mental well-being, too. If you are going through a financial hardship that's causing extraordinarily high stress levels, you may start to believe harmful things about yourself.

For example, you may start to tell yourself that you are irresponsible or someone who is unable to cope with life. When those kinds of thoughts continue, they could lead to depression, anxiety, or other mental health problems. It's essential to keep a balanced perspective as much as possible, which means not letting your thoughts spiral and take you into dark places.

Even if you made some mistakes that caused your current financial situation, people aren't perfect, and mistakes are inevitable. Instead of thinking about how bleak things seem and feel now, try to shift your thoughts and think about how to improve the way things are so that you can thrive once again.

Hopefully, what you've just read have made you realize that if you haven't been feeling well lately, financial stress could be to blame. It's best to visit your doctor for a checkup and to be honest about the kind of stress you've been under lately. Then, take comfort in remembering that awareness is the first step in moving toward action.

Improving Your Finances Through Careers and Savings

  • February 20, 2019

Improving Your Finances Through Careers and Savings

Money is one of those things that can cause an untold amount of stress or complete relaxation, and finding a way to balance those emotions can be challenging. Here we are going to take a look at some of the ways you can make your concerns about your bank balance a thing of the past. There are several options available to you, whether you’re someone who is trying to get by each month or if you want to take your current funds and increase them. So, let’s take a look at what you might want to do and how to go about it.

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How To Prepare for Financial Emergencies

  • February 18, 2019

According to some analysts, the future of the global economy is hard to predict, and there might be another crisis around the corner. Even people who were in a stable financial position back in 2007 suffered due to the credit crunch, so it is important that you are prepared and can deal with whatever the future brings. No matter if you are living a comfortable life now, you have to ask yourself what if the cost of living increased by up to 20 percent, or if you had to pay unexpected medical bills or other expenses? Having a side hustle and a residual income is a good way of surviving challenging times. Below you will find a few ways you can be prepared for financial emergencies.

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Top Signs That Your Job Is Harming Your Health

  • February 17, 2019

Top Signs That Your Job Is Harming Your Health

If you work full-time then there is a high chance that you spend more time at work when compared to any other place. You probably don’t spend much time with your family either, let alone see your friends at the weekend. If you are working overtime constantly, then your work could be harming your health without you even realizing.

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The Inevitability Of Not Taking Your Health Seriously

The Inevitability Of Not Taking Your Health Seriously

It’s tempting to slack off where your health is concerned. For one thing, working out and eating healthily is hard work. You find it easier to eat what you want and sit in front of the TV rather than to hit the gym. Plus, you’re relatively young and you’ve got years before you need to worry about that sort of stuff.

The thing is, you haven’t. Studies show that taking care of your body now is an excellent way to safeguard your health into middle age and beyond. If you drink too much, are overweight and smoke, below are the reasons you should consider a rethink.

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