Jobs Where You Can Be Your Own Boss

  • January 29, 2020

Jobs Where You Can Be Your Own Boss

Self-employment doesn’t have to be an unrealistic or unattainable dream. With careful planning and preparation, you can make the leap to becoming your own boss. Take an honest inventory of your skills, experience, and especially your passions, and consider these jobs where you can be your own boss.

Personal Trainer

If you’re a fitness nut, why not share your enthusiasm with others, for a fee? Before you quit your 9 to 5, use your fitness time to earn certification as a yoga or Pilates instructor or a personal fitness trainer.


Kitchens are your natural habitat, so put your culinary talent to work as a caterer. Check state and local licensing requirements for food services and start planning some sample menus.

Real Estate Investor

Sure, you could earn your real estate agent license, but did you ever consider investing in rental property and becoming a landlord? Real estate investing is a full-time and potentially lucrative career, if you put the effort into growing your real estate business.


You’re reading proof right now that bloggers can make money, by offering knowledge, selling products, using affiliate links, and running ads. Never underestimate the power of the written word when coupled with some fascinating topics.


From English as a second language to test preparation to help with math, tutors make money by helping students with subjects that challenge them. Adults need tutors too, from learning languages to using computer programs and apps. If you have specialized skills and experience, charge by the hour for it.

Social Media Manager

Small business owners are up to their eyebrows running their businesses. They know they need a social media presence but don’t have time to run it. If you know your way around Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn then make yourself useful and make some money. Bonus points if you have the videography skills for YouTube.

Freelance Writer

Writers actually do make money—if they put the work into marketing themselves. Technical writers who turn engineering or coder lingo into plain English make the most, but everyone needs content. If you can provide writing, writing can provide for you.

Event Planner

When your guests depart, they’re buzzing about what a great party host you are. Help others arrange events for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate meetings, and even conventions. Earn a Certified Meeting Professional credential and you’ll have a step up.

Starting any new venture and turning it into a job where you can be your own boss takes planning, saving, budgeting, marketing, guts, passion, and time. Decide what you’d love to do and figure out how to get from dreaming to doing.

Cryptocurrencies: Make Way For Modern Money

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What Are The Benefits Of Unsecured Loans?

  • January 28, 2020

benefits of unsecured loans

A lot of entrepreneurs resort to business loans to help with their additional financial needs. Even large companies who earn big profits often need some extra cash for expanding operations, added inventory lists and other business payments that are essential for their business. When businesses are in need of additional financial help, they often secure a loan with collateral.

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Living the Champagne Life in Central Texas

  • January 28, 2020

central texas

When it comes to living the good life, few places compare to the excitement of Austin, Texas. The state capital of Texas, it’s the fastest-growing large city in the nation and is regularly hailed as one of the best places to live. The city has long outgrown its college town roots to become a vibrant metropolis. It’s the 11th largest city and is known for having a dynamic food scene as well as being a popular destination for live music festivals and concerts. If you have a taste for the finer things in life, you should give Austin a look.

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9 Fun Hobbies That Can Make You Money

  • January 28, 2020

9 Fun Hobbies That Can Make You Money

Everyone seems to have a side gig these days, and you should too because it’s one of the best ways to increase your income. One of the best parts about these fun hobbies that can make you money is that you get to make your own schedule for most of these!

Creative Hobbies

If you need to flex your creative muscle, then consider one of these hobbies.

  1. Photography is one of the most profitable hobbies if you’re good at it. If you want to get started or sharpen your photography skills, it’s best to specialize in one or two popular types of photography.
  2. If you’re a crafty person, consider starting an Etsy shop with your creations. Just make sure you have a unique idea that won’t blend in with the rest.
  3. Anyone who has a passion for playing music dreams of being a rock star that sells out Madison Square Garden, but unfortunately, reality says differently. Playing shows on the weekend can make you some money on the side, but don’t expect anything major.

Educational Hobbies

Maybe you’re an incredible teacher; plenty of hobbies can make you some side money.

  1. Again, if you’re a musician, a better way to make money is by teaching. There’s always a big demand for piano teachers because it’s so popular.
  2. If you have a mind for math, you should be a tutor because they’re always needed for students of all ages. They also make good money, and the more challenging the math, the more you can charge, so reward yourself for that noggin you have.
  3. If you’re in good shape and love to workout, consider becoming a personal trainer. There’s a demand for fitness instructors all the time for different experience levels, and sometimes people just need a little guidance to reach their goals.

General Hobbies

If you’re not interested in a creative or educational hobby, one of these hobbies should apply to you.

  1. If sports are your thing, you could be a local coach, umpire, or referee for recreational leagues. These positions tend to have flexibility in scheduling since it’s for a recreational league. They allow you to be near the game you enjoy and get paid!
  2. There’s nothing better than pets unless you’re allergic, then ignore this suggestion. But you can make some great money by pet sitting for people that have to go to work or out of town. Not to mention you get paid to play with animals.
  3. If you have a green thumb, then you could start your own garden and sell your crops. If you have space, you could welcome people to your property to sell, or you can get a booth at your local farmers’ market.

Whatever your skills and interests may be, there’s a hobby out there for you! Plus, making money from something you love is great. You can monetize tons of hobbies, so if we skipped something here, that doesn’t mean you can’t make money from it.

How to Maximize Revenue in Your Retail Store

  • January 27, 2020

How to Maximize Revenue in Your Retail Store

Owning a retail outlet is one way to quit your day job for something your passionate about. This could be for clothes, shoes, toys, books, games, or other goods. Still, sometimes business stalls. For those experiencing this, you should know how to maximize revenue in your retail store to increase your sales and net profits.

Establish Sales Targets

Your sales target is your goal for the units sold over a given time. Keep in mind that this is different for everyone, and it depends on your store. Naturally, some stores will have a higher sales target than others, but keep yours appropriate to your market. The best way to do that is to have a reasonable expectation of the sales your store will see and the sales target you want to see. Compare these and adjust accordingly. From there, research your target audience and discover the best ways to attract them to your store.

Diversify Your Products

Another tip to keep in mind is that you should offer a diverse range of products centered on a theme. For example, if you operate a women’s clothing boutique, you should offer tops, bottoms, accessories, and possibly shoes or perfumes. All these products resemble the target audience—in this case, adult women—with items to upsell. Ultimately, offering more products related to your original market plan will greatly increase your revenue.

Use the Best Technology

Unsurprisingly, all retail stores must implement the best technology for success. The most important piece of technology for your retail store is your point-of-sale (POS) system. You should update your POS system if yours is slow and outdated. POS systems make transactions fast and efficient. Additionally, they offer better functionality than older models, with features such as tracking inventory and accounting.


It goes without saying, but you need to advertise your business to attract more customers. This can occur in different ways. The primary advertising techniques for small businesses today are social media and email. This is because most customers spend their time online. Therefore, these marketing platforms are optimal, since you can target customers directly. For example, social media platforms allow you to post messages about your operating hours, sales, discounts, or other important information for your customers to see.

Be Personable

Always be personable in and outside your store. While you should always act kindly toward customers, take this time to engage with them. Find out more about them, talk to them, and connect with them. All these factors will build a strong customer-business relationship which is essential to retaining customer loyalty. This will also increase your word-of-mouth status, which will increase your foot traffic. Another way to increase your reputation is through your community presence. Build this through charitable donations or sponsorships to local sports teams or youth organizations. These will increase your brand recognition, sales, and revenue.

5 Tips to Help You Find the Best Financial Advisor

  • January 26, 2020

Find the Best Financial Advisor

A financial advisor is a professional who can help you turn your life around. If you're stuck in debt, they'll curate a plan to help you work towards being debt-free. If you're earning a lot of money but don't know how to use it well, they'll offer investment advice that'll help transform your life. But you must share your financial information, life goals, as well as future concerns with them.

Therefore, it’s essential that you find the right one as you'll be sharing lots of sensitive information. Luckily, here is some information about how to find a financial advisor.

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10 Low-Cost Marketing Ideas Your Small Business Should Try

  • January 24, 2020

10 Low-Cost Marketing Ideas Your Small Business Should Try

It’s a given that small businesses have small or even nonexistent marketing budgets. Thankfully, the business landscape is now full of low-cost or even free marketing tools that can quickly expand your brand’s presence and reach. Which of the ideas below have you tried?

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7 Personal Finance Influencers You Need To Follow

  • January 23, 2020

7 Personal Finance Influencers You Need To Follow

Do you have any favorite personal finance influencers and bloggers?

As a personal finance (and health) blogger myself, I have quite a few that I look to for inspiration and knowledge of the subject. After all, I realize I have so much more to learn. I consider myself a constant student of the subject.

Also, I enjoy commenting on various blogs and having a chance to engage people. It’s a great way to learn from each other as well as get Run The Money a little exposure.

I thought I’d share with all of you the personal finance influencers and bloggers that I follow. What’s fun about the blogging world is everyone has a different voice and perspective. So, it’s interesting to see the view each blogger takes on all matters personal finance.

Check out my list below and compare it with the personal finance influencers you check in with on a regular basis.

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Using Real Estate To Make Money in 2020

  • January 23, 2020

Using Real Estate To Make Money in 2020

Although there have been notable crashes in the history of real estate, it continues to be an attractive investment source for those with money and patience. With reliable stability and capital appreciation, investment offerings can produce exponential profits in a housing market that has been driven by a supply reduction and extremely low interest and mortgage rates. Since the appreciation trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future, investors and entrepreneurs are wise to consider putting money into a thriving market that can provide large profits. If you are unfamiliar with real estate, here are some simple ways you can begin investing.

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