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  • December 30, 2020

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Are you planning to relocate your retail store to a different venue? Or perhaps, you're relocating your office to another city? Either way, planning a commercial move is an expensive and stressful endeavor. Regardless of the projected benefits, pulling off a commercial move is hectic and requires meticulous planning.

Even the slightest lack of oversight can cost you thousands of dollars. It is vital to plan every aspect, from packing the expensive equipment to hiring the right moving company. Businesses should start planning at least six months to ensure efficiency.

Keep reading to discover some budget-friendly tips that will prove immensely helpful.


It is instrumental in starting planning your move at least six months before the day. You need to compile a detailed checklist of all the chores and tasks and delegate them effectively. Start by planning your budget and allocating sufficient funds for everything. Then, come towards the chores, such as packing equipment, storing paperwork, alerting employees, and disbanding the utility services.

Preparations for a commercial move are exhausting and overwhelming. But meticulous planning and detailed checklists can make this transition more comfortable and stress-free.

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Do you want to clutter up your office with unwanted equipment? Do you want to incur the transportation costs of paperwork that is no longer required? A heavy, cluttered, and messy office gives rise to unproductivity. Use this corporate move as an opportunity to declutter so you can maintain a neat and productive workspace.

You need a rental storage unit to store all the unwanted paperwork, discarded computers, and broken equipment. This way, you won't have to sell or discard your assets and reuse them if the need arises. You can move all the unwanted equipment and tools in a storage unit, saving hundreds of dollars in transportation.

It will also help you make effective use of your new office space instead of cluttering it with unwanted items.


When it comes to planning a commercial move, timing truly matters. It is crucial to pick out the year's right time to enjoy cost-effective rates and avoid losing profits. The right time is when your business is slowest, and you're not likely to lose many customers.

Plan for a season that attracts low business activity across the industry. For instance, moving in the snowy season can help you book a moving company willing to offer discounted rates. Moving in the snow will come with an array of challenges and disadvantages. Be sure to set your priorities straight and make decisions accordingly.

It would help if you also looked out for other factors. For instance, is there any ongoing construction or festival that might create delays or long detours? What is the expected weather forecast for your designated moving day? These details will help you put together a fool-proof plan and strategize effectively.

However, keep in mind that sometimes, even the best-laid plans can go array. Be willing to improvise, and having a backup plan won't hurt when you're movers are stuck in knee-deep snow.


In the stress of moving all the equipment and fixtures, don't forget to inform your employees and customers. It is crucial to communicate effectively with your employees and make the transition easier for them. It is also ideal to delegate tasks across your employees and workers to reduce the overall moving costs.

Communicating this big change with your clients and customers holds great significance. You don't want to end up losing clienteles by failing to inform them of your new location. It is crucial to send out emails and invest in signage that offers comprehensive details about your new location.

If you fail to communicate the relocation effectively, your clients will take their business elsewhere. So, utilize all your marketing channels, such as social media, website, and physical outlet, to communicate this news. It will take several months for your walk-in customers to get used to this change, so break the news without delay.


Hiring the right movers is instrumental in ensuring a budget-friendly move. Hiring a moving company is the most significant expense you're likely to incur. So, be sure to dedicate sufficient time to research, referrals, and interviews. It is vital to seek experience, licensure, and credibility while hiring and interviewing moving companies.

If your business owns heavy vehicles and a large staff, you might not even need to hire movers. You can easily transport all the equipment and fixtures by setting up a moving committee. You can designate employees, workers, and janitorial staff and motivate them with monetary or fringe benefits; the cost will still prove less than hiring a moving company.


Planning a commercial move is an exhaustingly stressful endeavor, but planning can help you ensure efficiency. It is vital to start with a detailed checklist and budget and avoid hiring services that come with hidden costs. Be sure to set priorities and conduct research on all the services you need to hire. Conduct detailed interviews with handymen, installation professionals, and moving companies before hiring any service.

Your checklist should categorize tasks based on their urgency and significance. You can start with packing and storing expensive equipment and then come towards transferring utilities and phone lines. Setting up a moving committee and designated tasks to disciplined employees will make the process easier and smoother.