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Building The Winning Team On A Shoestring Budget: Here’s How

  • May 16, 2022

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Want to build the right team - a winning team - for your family's small business?

If you are looking to grow your small business or local firm, you will need to rely on a team of handpicked talents who are experts in their field. But this powerhouse of creativity and productivity does not come cheap. 

And, if you are a small business owner operating on a budget, the chances are that you will not be able to afford multiple in-house teams. 

Of course, underpaying your workers isn’t a choice. But you don’t have to choose between hiring unsuitable talents or going off-budget. 

There are many more options that allow you to leverage the best industry expertise at a fraction of the cost. Learn how to begin building the winning team on a shoestring budget. 

Tap Into the Remote Talent Pool

Today, only around 16% of companies are fully remote. However, as technology allows for better productivity, privacy, and communication, remote work becomes an always more viable option in many industries. 

Opting for a remote team s an option that allows you to save on your hiring budget. Firstly, your choice of workers doesn't have to be limited by geographical or distance barriers. Additionally, a remote team does not require you to pay monthly rent for a large office! In turn, you can reinvest the money saved into finding the right talents.

Building A Winning Team For Your Family's Small Business: Further Reading

Don’t Skimp on the Right Talents

When hiring, there are a lot of ways to save money - but there are also some aspects you really should not skimp on. For example, for some businesses operating in certain sectors - such as legal firms - finding the right partner can truly make or break their reputation and long-term success. 

That is why you should partner with a specialized recruitment agency such as Wegman Partners which allows you to find the right resources to grow your businesses. Industry-specific agencies will also understand the unique needs of your sector and can guide you through the steps of adjusting your offer, job description, and remuneration. 

Outsource Your Non-Core Tasks

As a business owner, your main task is to strategize and lead your business forward - not to fix computer bugs, draw your logo, or post on social media! At the same time, you might be struggling to afford full-time marketing, sales, IT, or accounting team. 

Luckily, there is a third option worth considering: outsourcing your non-core competencies. Outsourcing can lead to around 30% cost savings and allow you to take advantage of the expertise of industry experts. Just make sure to partner with agencies and managed services that truly align with your brand’s identity and values. 

Leverage the Expertise of Consultants

Alongside outsourcing, you can consider partnering with a consultant. This strategy is particularly suitable if you have an inexperienced team that requires guidance and mentoring, 

A consultant can help you determine your long-term strategy, needs, and areas of improvement, which your team can then work on.

Grow Your Talents From Within

You might not have the budget to hire industry experts. However, you can certainly invest in high-quality development and training programs to develop the talents that are already part of your business. Get started today and you’ll have sought-after managers and industry leaders in the future!

Are you trying to build a winning team for your company? Tell us about it below.