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Bulletproof Investment Strategies That Will Make You Rich For Sure

  • November 5, 2020

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Bulletproof Investment Strategies

You will barely see a person who doesn’t need money. Money has become an integral part of human survival. From feeding their bellies to keep their errands going, they go to several lengths to make both ends meet. Managing finances are crucial for everyone. When you ask them about their financial management, you will get a three steps answer. They will earn money, spend according to their needs, and save whatever they have left of it.

You might follow the same pattern too.  The financial crisis is one of the most stressful events for any human or business. Everyone tries their best to stay a little ahead of their financial curve. The three-step approach seems appealing for a few months, but you might not have left with any after a while. Many people try to invest their money in a small business to get a better return on investment. Seeing the amount in your bank increasing is indeed a happy feeling, but the means you choose to do so significantly impact its sustainability.


We know many investors who are into the stock exchange, and they often have one question, if they should buy a stock or not. Investing your hard money into someone else’s business or even purchase shares in the stock market is a risky business. The amount of your investment return depends mainly on stock markets’ condition or business owners’ strategy. While you opt to invest in doubling up your money, remember that it a time-taking process if you are a new buyer.

Many small business owners who started with a minimum investment are now a million dollars business. If you wish to catch such owners’ success stories, you can follow Kuba Jewgieniew on Medium to know their story.

Are you looking for some rock-solid investment strategies to become rich? Here is what you can do.

1.    Set A Goal

Just like after boarding a cab, you let the driver know about your destination; your investment plan needs a goal too. If you invest your money without having a goal, you might end up emptying your bank account. Analyze your finances to know how much you need to fulfill your needs and what you can spare for investment. Start setting your goals year to year. Set a target on how much money you want to make in a year and then in three years. Once you have a clear vision about your selected target, you can make your investments accordingly.

2.    DCA Or Dollar-Cost Averaging

We all are a little scared while purchasing stocks as the condition is quite unpredictable. At one moment, you will see the value rising; on the other hand, it can drop down quickly. The dollar-cost averaging strategy is one of the most preferred methods of famous personalities like Warren Buffet or Benjamin Graham. It involves investing a set dollar amount in the same investment within short intervals. It not only helps you to lower your cost average, but it also automates your saving process.

3.    Averaging Up

It is the concept of adding to a position already accepted. If you come across a good opportunity and the share getting appreciated over time, you can add such shares and get a sizable position.  Increasing your cost basis over time is essential to gain exposure to the investment market. Averaging up is a delicate area that requires balancing the diversifications and concentrations that appear from time to time.

4.    Investing In A Money-Making Course

How will you feel if you invest in yourself and yet get something in return? It sounds like hitting the jackpot. You can explore millions of money-making courses that can offer you money. The trick is to choose the one that is beneficial for you.  It is vital to research online courses similar to your niche and get detailed information. Avoid signing up momentarily and gather details about their money-making procedures to avoid any financial loss.

5.    Get Real-Estate Contracts

Making money while working in real-estate appears a long-term shot, but it is quite the opposite. Investing your money in real estate property and selling to potential buyers can get you a handsome amount. Many people buy and sell the property to double their finances, and it is one of the bulletproof strategies so far. You do not lose your money by investing it in real-estate, ad the property increases their value over time. The more you want the retail price to rise, the more chances of getting a better selling opportunity.

Conclusion: Bulletproof Investment Strategies

It won’t be wrong to say that our lives depend on our finances. We all go to different lengths to make money and fulfill our expenses. People even traded in cryptocurrencies to make money. As someone new to the investment world, try to start with a smaller investment to see how it goes. You can join the invertors and observe how they play their game. Playing the stock market is easy for many people as they invest in shares and trade if they see better opportunities. The stock market is the first choice for anyone willing to invest the extra money they have to get rich.  To find your bulletproof niche of making money, you will need to try different options to pick the right one. You can always save money and invest it somewhere fruitful to make the most of it.