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Cannabis Industry Explosion: 5 Industry Trends From SoCal Sustainable Cultivator

  • March 29, 2022

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Co-founders Autumn Shelton and Hanna Brand

I had a chance to speak with Autumn Shelton and Hanna Brand, the co-founders of Autumn Brands, on the future of the cannabis industry. You won't want to miss this one. Check it out below.

Q&A Session with Autumns Brands

Tell us about Autumn Brands - and the genesis behind it.

Autumn Brands is a 50% women-owned and operated cannabis cultivator and creator of top-grade health and wellness products.  The vision of the two families spray-free approach allows for a PURE guarantee, providing a clean, and potent cannabis experience. PURE stands Pesticide-free, User-first, Responsibly grown, and Eco-friendly. Autumn Brands produces top-quality strains built on their six generations of farming expertise that started in Holland more than a century ago.

Can you shed some light on what's fueling the cannabis industry's growth?

Increased supply

California's ever-growing marijuana cultivation and lack of retailers has increased supply, creating a flooded market. Due to the wholesale market crash, there is more opportunity for new brands to try their hand in the market by coming in with ridiculously low prices. Some dispensaries find this enticing and are enjoying a race to the bottom while still keeping their retail prices the same for the consumer.  

Bigger brands are coming in

Cannabis is undoubtedly a growth industry, and the more prominent brands are coming in. Beverage companies such as Pabst, Lagunitas, Anheuser-Busch, and more are leaping into creating cannabis-infused beverages. 

Cannabis is becoming a global commodity

The worldwide demand for cannabis has skyrocketed with the pandemic bringing a massive increase in sales globally, with the global market estimated to be at  $130 billion by 2025. More countries like Poland, Ukraine, and South Africa are moving toward legalization, and U.S. cannabis companies are making moves toward international growth. 

Consumers are increasingly interested in clean products

Consumers are more educated about everything they are ingesting, including cannabis. However, every state that has legalized recreational cannabis also requires quality and contaminant testing, but there is no central system regulating cannabis products. Consider only purchasing from reputable, transparent brands. 

A new bill has a solid chance of getting through for federal legalization

The States Reform Act proposes to remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act, making it regulated like alcohol, allowing states to determine their own laws. The bill would allow interstate commerce and remove the legal obstacles preventing U.S. cannabis companies from accessing the financial system.

How likely is it that the new bill will pass which removes cannabis from the controlled substance list? 

The States Reform Act represents a major step in the push for federal cannabis regulation, however it's not likely to happen in 2022. This Act would not only enable states to more productively set their own policies like reasonable tax rates and their own regulatory system but it would also give law enforcement the tools to lead the way in their communities as well as properly oversee how these new regulations are implemented.  We are however optimistic that the SAFE Banking Act may come to fruition within the next year or two and that would allow cannabis businesses to work with the U.S. banking system.  This would be a major game changer for the industry and a step in the right direction.

What products do you sell? Which are the most popular?

  • “Smalls flower”
  • Premium Flower Jars 
  • 1 Gram PreRoll 
  • 7-pack PreRolls 
  • Muscle & Joint Salve 
  • Warrior + Thrive Elixirs 

The most popular would have to be our flower, either the Wedding Cake, Sundae Strudel, or Mother’s Milk.

What do you want to tell other women out there who want to launch their own businesses? 

As a minority leader it's important to present yourself in a clear, professional, confident and humble manner in order to gain the respect of your employees and industry partners.  In any business, but especially in a new industry, it's important to stay frugal and not try to be the fanciest company out there, or you could lose everything.  We saw so many cannabis businesses go out of business because they spent too much before they even got their business up and running.  Always stay true to your company vision and when something isn’t working, make small revisions so you can figure out exactly what needs to change.  

Where can we connect with you and learn more about Autumn Brands?

For more information, follow us on @AutumnBrands, visit

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