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4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Support A Charity

  • May 16, 2022

people putting together food for charity

Supporting a charity is not just a nice thing to do. It can also be an intelligent business decision.

We should not think of these charities as just another small business. They provide real services that small businesses need and are looking for ways to improve their operations. When working with a charity, it is important to remember that they have their own rules that you need to follow. For example, you can read about National Life Group lawsuit information to see an example of a policy. 

Many people don't realize the importance of supporting charities as a small business, and often times it's because they don't know how to go about it. However, there are many ways that your company can support charities, such as donating products or services, sponsoring events, or creating an employee volunteer program. So, if you aren’t sure whether or not your business should support, here are four reasons why.

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Choosing Beneficiaries For Your Charitable Trust

  • April 27, 2022

Choosing Beneficiaries for Your Charitable Trust

Setting up a charitable trust can be advantageous for a variety of reasons. These types of trusts can be effective estate planning tools and they offer tax advantages to the individual creating the trust. Regardless of the reason for creating one, once the trust is established, it is the creator's responsibility to choose the charitable organization or group of charities that will benefit from the trust's funds. For some, choosing these beneficiaries is the easiest part of the entire process. For others, narrowing down their charity or charities of choice is an arduous task. Here are some common methods used to choose the beneficiaries of your charitable trust.

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Why Supporting Charity Is Good For Business

  • March 29, 2022

Why Supporting Charity Is Good For Business

Consumers tend to prefer to spend their money with companies that they view as philanthropic. Studies have also shown that millennials in particular will spend more money on brands that support causes, so it’s clearly well worth considering the impact of your business’s relationships with charities. 

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Support Your Puppy Charities This Holiday

  • December 20, 2021

The holidays are a time for giving and as such many charities depend on donations this time of year. In fact, for many charities, the holiday season is the time where they will get most of their operating revenue. This makes the holiday a "do or die" situation for many charitable organizations.

Animal charities are no exception during the holiday. Many of them will be getting a huge portion of their annual revenue during this time. As a dog lover, we hope you take the opportunity to give to one of these charities this season. Here are a few ways to do just that.

1) Adopt Don't Buy

This is the very best thing that you can do this holiday season if you want to support a dog related charity. Adopting is a great way to support a charity and welcome home a new family member at the same time. Plus, if you investigate prices, you will see that it is a whole lot cheaper than buying from a breeder. Breeder prices have gotten so out of control that many people are turning to online sources to get puppy financing just to afford the purchase price. Don't do this! Instead of financing, skip the breeder and support the shelter.

Adopting does two great things. You give an animal a new chance at life and give the shelter a reasonable donation that helps them keep the lights on. Most adoption fees are just a few hundred dollars which is just a small portion of the thousands of dollars that breeders often charge. The entire transaction is a win-win for everyone involved.

2) Give A Bag of Food

If you cannot afford to adopt or you just do not need another puppy at the moment, consider donating a bag of kibble to a dog shelter. Shelters go through dozens and dozens of bags of food a week and every donation is greatly appreciated.

Other items in need at shelters are leashes, dog bedding, blankets, old towels, cleaning supplies, paper towels, toilet paper and office supplies. Shelters need anything and everything related to dogs, as well as all the supplies that the volunteers will use. If in doubt, call your local shelter and ask them what they need the most.

3) Donate Your Time

People travel during the holiday season, and some of those people are shelter volunteers. This means that labor shortages may be a real problem for your local animal charity.

If you are short on cash this holiday, give your time instead. Go walk some dogs, clean some kennels or just spend some of your energy playing with the pups. Who knows, you might enjoy volunteering so much that you make it a regular occurrence during the rest of the year.

4) Write A Check

As the saying goes, cash is king. If you really want to help a dog charity or shelter this holiday season, let your checkbook do the talking.

By giving your charity a check, they can use the money as they see fit and where it is needed most. Donating this time of year also gives the shelter or charity an idea of their next year revenue, so budgets can be set. Food donations are great, but if a charity is to grow and do some good, they need this cold hard cash.

As an additional benefit to you, your cash donation to a shelter should be tax deductible, so make sure that you get a receipt.

5) Give Instead of Getting

Instead of asking for gifts this year, why not ask or donations to your favorite canine charity. Make a blanket statement to friends and family that you do not need anything this year, but if they would like to give you a gift, please donate to your favorite charity. 

The benefit of this approach is that your charity will get attention from people who may not have ever known that it existed. Plus, you get to look like a selfless superhero. Who wouldn’t want that?

6) Spread The Word

One last way that you can help is to simply spread the word. Hopefully you will do this in addition to one of the ways to donate listed above, but if not, every charity mention that you make will help. 

Post links to dog charity websites on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and whatever other social media services that you use. If you participate in internet forums, add a link to the charity on your signature. If you are really devoted, you could even use some shoe polish to write the charity name on your rear windshield. There are dozens of different ways to spread the word about your charity of choice. 

To Sum Things Up

The holiday is about giving, and as dog owners, animal charities are depending on us this time of year. This holiday season, do your part by donating a little time, some money or by inviting a new family member into your home. Feel good about yourself and help the canines.

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How To Give Back To The Community As a Business

  • October 2, 2021

You’ll likely have set up your business for your own benefit. But at some point or another, you’ll realize that your company doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It exists as part of the wider world. This is true of all companies, but it’ll be especially true of small businesses that operate in small communities. If you’re in that position, then it’s important to look at how you can give back to the people that call the town home. For one, it’s just the right thing to do. For two, it’s a good marketing strategy

But how can you give back to the community as a business? In this blog, we’ll take a look at some useful methods. 

Serve the Community

The first thing you can do is actively serve the community in which you’re based. Are you meeting their needs? The answer might not be as obvious as you first believe. For instance, it could be that your business is in a town that’s dominated by young, professional families. In which case, they’d appreciate it if you had extra opening hours from time to time because they might be busy throughout the working week. It’s all about thinking about the people in your community, and working to ensure they’re happy.

Hold Fun Days

Everyone loves a community fun day! But it’s important to remember that they don’t just happen. Someone has to organize it. Could you put your business resources to good use and hold these types of days for the local community? There’s no shortage of things that you can do. For instance, you could hold a charity fun race. Organize a route, charge an entry fee, and get some custom race medals to hand out to participants. Everyone will have a good time, and you’ll have done a good deed for charity. And talking of good deeds...

Volunteer as a Company

It doesn’t matter where you live: there’ll always be something that needs doing. For example, if you live near a beach, then people may be needed to pick up trash from that beach. Could you consider volunteering as a business? You and your employees won’t just be doing a good deed -- it’ll also be excellent PR for your brand too. Just make sure that you’re doing it within working hours, or that you’re giving employees time off work if it’s outside of work hours.

Work With Local Nonprofits

There’ll also be nonprofits in your area who might need some help if they’re going to grow, develop, and reach their full potential. Of course, how you can help them will depend on what your business does. But in any case, there’ll surely be something that you can give them, for free! You can also look at working with other local businesses. If the local economy is doing well, then the whole town will be doing well. And by partnering with other companies, you’ll be helping to ensure that everyone rises together.

Take these tips, and you’ll have plenty of good karma on your side! 

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5 Ways Your Money Can Help Others

  • August 6, 2021

5 Ways Your Money Can Help Others

Looking for ways your money can help others?

Giving can be a challenge. Sometimes, you think that the best solution is to simply hand somebody a wad of cash and then that will solve all their problems. But, as anyone who has worked in the charity sector will tell you, that’s rarely the case. Getting giving right is notoriously difficult.

In this post, we’re not trying to suggest that personal responsibility isn’t important - it is! But sometimes people fall on genuine hard times that aren't their fault. And they need other people around them to lift them up so that they can resume their journey along life’s path. 

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that your money can help others. 

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3 Tips For Serving On A Board of Directors

  • July 13, 2021

3 Tips for Serving on a Board of Directors

board of directors plays an essential role in any organization. Without it, companies would struggle to stay on a mission or on brand, while nonprofits would probably cease to exist.

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Responsibilities of Board Members During a Fundraising Event

  • February 26, 2021

Responsibilities of Board Members During a Fundraising Event

Most nonprofits wonder what their board members' responsibilities are during fundraising. Fortunately, fundraising experts, such as Ari Betof, have listed a few things that board members can do. These tasks are for everyone. It doesn't matter if they are wealthy. It doesn't matter whether they have connections or are introverts. It doesn't matter if they hardly have anything to do with fundraising. These tasks are possible for all board members.

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4 Things To Know About Fundraising

  • January 19, 2020

Things To Know About Fundraising

What are the main things to know about fundraising?

The majority of people equate fundraising with that moment when a gift is requested, either through the mail, a phone call, at an event, or online. Asking for money is just a small part, around 10 to 15 percent of the work involved in fundraising. The major work is before and after asking for the funds. Fundraising is not a complicated thing. It involves identifying prospective donors, informing/educating them about the cause, cultivating them, requesting them for support, making sure to recognize them and their contribution and increasing their commitment through engagement with the mission.

Fundraising may be a simple process of asking others to get involved by providing help, taking a stand, and/or joining a movement. While the biggest quality that is required is a passion for the mission, there are techniques and strategies, some of which are given below, and are also important to be a successful fundraiser.

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