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5 Best Fall Decorations That Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous

  • August 25, 2021

pumpkins on top of hay - 5 Best Fall Decorations That Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous

Don't you just love fall? The changing leaves. The chilly weather. The beautiful landscape. And, yes, the time to have a great time being creative with your interior and exterior decor. Here are a few frugal ideas for your fall decorations that will make your neighbors jealous.

Let us know what you think and how many people ask where you got the idea!

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5 Super Simple DIY Whiteboard Tutorials For Weekend Warriors

woman writing on a whiteboard wall

Have you always wanted a whiteboard in your office or kids' playroom, but didn't know how to make it happen? Well, we have 5 super simple DIY whiteboard tutorials that can give you that coveted whiteboard this weekend.

You just a few things to get started and a little time -- and you can get this done quickly. Check out the whiteboard tutorials below and create that space for your ideas, goals, or kids' artwork.

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Cost of Stamped Concrete Patios and Driveways

  • July 29, 2021

Are you looking into the cost of stamped concrete for a new patio or driveway?

The cost of stamped concrete projects for areas of your home such as driveways, walkways and pool decks depends on the materials and the labor of your local stamped concrete contractors.

The complexity of the project is also a factor to consider when it comes to stamped concrete cost. 

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Home Improvements On The Cheap

  • May 18, 2021

Home Improvements On The Cheap

If you are hoping to be able to make improvements to your home regularly, you probably also want to make sure that you can keep such projects as cheap as possible. However, that is much easier said than done, and it is something that you will need to work on and think about deeply if you are to make it a reality. However much passion you might have for home improvements and DIY and so on, it can be a challenge to make it affordable, but there are many things you can consider if you want to make this happen, and you should find that it is surprisingly easy to do. In this article, we are going to look at some of the things you can do to make your home improvements and DIY projects as cheap as possible, and so save a considerable amount of money without sacrificing the quality of those projects.

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How To Make A Healthy And Productive Home

  • September 22, 2020


Your home is a place of rest and a sanctuary where you recharge your batteries. However, with work from home on the rise, the house has become more than that. It has now become a place where you work and rest.

The line between work and your personal life has never been so blurry. However, you must draw a clear line between your time for work and yourself. You are your most important investment, and your brain is your most profitable money-making machine. That's why you must create a sanctuary that will be the most healthy relaxing for you.

Here are some things that you can do to support your health while being productive at home:

1. Create a place where you can fully rest and recharge.

Your bedroom is where you sleep to recharge your batteries to face another day. Setting it up to be more conducive for rest is a must. First, invest in a comfortable bed that supports your back when you sleep. Visit a mattress store near you and invest in a bed that will make you want to snuggle all day. An old or simply the wrong mattress can negatively affect your sleep and energy level for the next day.

Clear your bedroom of clutter and any reminders of work if possible. If you live in a studio unit, you can install dividers that separate your bed from the rest of the house. Invest in high-quality sheets with high thread counts and soft pillows for a more peaceful and comfortable sleep. You can add some relaxing scents, whether with a candle or an oil diffuser, to improve your sleep quality.

2. Create a conducive working space.

You can be tempted to work on your bed, couch, or dining table, but having a dedicated working desk is good for your mental health. Whether your remote work setup is temporary or permanent, establishing a dedicated working space is a must for your productivity.

Choose a corner in your home where you can put up your working desk. Put it near a window so that you can look outside when your eyes need a break from staring at your screen for hours. Choose a desk with the right height and an ergonomic chair to reduce your risks of computer-related injuries. Set up proper lighting in your desk to avoid eye strain.

Having a dedicated workspace sets a routine for your mind. Once you sit before your desk, your brain will prepare itself and shift into working mode. A dedicated desk can help you focus on your tasks and be more productive with your working hours. Do not forget to personalize it and add something that will make it a pleasant work corner for you.

3. Stock up your kitchen.

If you are working from nine to five, you might not have time to buy your food. Stock your kitchen pantry and refrigerator on the weekend so that you have enough to cook for the week. Deliveries are good for hectic days, but nothing beats a healthy home-cooked meal.

Compile healthy meals from the Internet so that you can have something packed with nutrients during your lunch. Stock up on pantry essentials, such as eggs, oatmeal, cereal, condiments, vegetables, bread, fruits, and meat. Stock up on nuts and fruits for some quick bites in between work. Do not forget to get coffee for your mid-afternoon pick-me-upper.

Never skip your meals even if you are chasing deadlines. You can be more productive with a full stomach, but do not overeat.

4. Make your home comfortable.

Make sure that your home is comfortable for your health and your productivity. Ensure that your home has enough ventilation and that your heating and cooling work properly. Schedule regular maintenance of your HVAC and clean your filters regularly. Now more than ever, you need to ensure the comfort level of your home.

Open your windows to bring natural light inside. Natural light helps brighten your mood and positively affects the quality of your sleep. You can also get some indoor plants to make your home cozier and to help filter indoor air.

Setting up your home for remote work is good for your health, comfort, and productivity. You can do other things to make your home healthier and conducive to work. Just remember to put your health first.

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Are Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets The Right Investment?

  • September 21, 2020

The Short Answer Is: Probably
Every situation is different. Sometimes there’s a construction project courting futurism at every level, and deliberately eschewing certain building materials. Sometimes there’s an artistic project where one sort of substance is okay, and another isn’t. Sometimes aesthetic influences your artistic decorative decisions.

Well, in such scenarios, wood may not be a good idea for the décor of your kitchen. But for the vast majority of homeowners in America and elsewhere, wood is almost always going to be a good idea for kitchen décor. Unless the wood is just too expensive to import, which is rare except in desert countries that rely on different building techniques, it’s going to be effective.

The Value Of Wood

Wood is inexpensive to acquire. If you’re building a house, you’ll find the framing of the structure is one of your least expensive costs. Roofing and framing tend to be very affordable. Electrical wiring, plumbing, and foundations are expensive; as is land. Something else that is costly are errors which must be rectified to meet code.

So with that in mind, if you’re building a house from the ground up, you can save a lot of money while retaining exceptional aesthetic in design by incorporating wooden kitchen cabinets right into the home’s architecture for the kitchen. This will reduce cost, and give you the potential for a specific design that precisely fits the needs of your food preparation space.

However, many homeowners find themselves the responsible party for a property whose construction they had no say in. A remodel becomes necessary. Most kitchens, even those that need remodeling, will have some sort of wooden furnishings already—but those furnishings may be from a bygone era, or they may be falling apart.

In such scenarios, total refurbishment isn’t a bad idea. When you’re strategic about kitchen remodel, and you do as much work in a DIY way as you can, you can get a lot of “bang for your buck”, as the story goes. While kitchen remodel can be exceptionally expensive, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. You’ve just got to make the right moves with the right building materials.

Options That Are Made To Order

Solid wood cabinetry can be made to order, and it has the potential to last a long time. Also, you can use varying staining and finishing techniques to make common wood precisely match the color schemes presently defining your home. Even further expanding the effectiveness of this technique, it turns out you can order designs that specifically match your home.

Ready To Assemble (RTA) cabinetry can be secured that results in cabinetry precisely matching even the most unique kitchen needs. At the following site, you can find quite a few solid wood kitchen cabinets that have been shaped using the latest techniques, and come in quite a variety of options. This site features traditional and RTA solutions for varying kitchens.

Combining Different Building Materials

There’s something else to consider which is made possible by wood: you can combine different building materials with ease. Wood cabinets can have glass doors. Wooden drawers and furniture can be fitted with a granite surface on top, injecting style, and structural efficiency into space.

While it’s best to go the DIY route if, at all possible, this isn’t always something feasible for homeowners. Not all landlords have skills in terms of building, repair, or other architectural needs. Accordingly, a good way to “have your cake and eat it, too”, is to commission remodel options with the cost that is outweighed by the associated benefits.

There will be an upper limit here, so you don’t want to assume without consultation unless you’re quite sure you know what you’re doing. So say you spend $20k on a kitchen remodel, but only get $23k back in expanded home value. Well, that can be worthwhile—but was it? You want a larger ROI, or Return On Investment, than 15%.

At a minimum, you should at least get a third more value than you spend. Ideally, you should double your value. So though $20k would get you all the “bells and whistles” if it only brings $23k in value, is it really worth it? Meanwhile, if you spent $10k on a remodel and saw $20k in expanded value, you doubled your money in the fullness of time—the work was worth it.


DIY Building Techniques Can Save You A Lot Of Money

DIY options make it so you can effect more expensive changes at less direct cost. Your biggest expense with any remodeling project is always going to be the manpower associated with completing the work. Labor is expensive, and DIY approaches replace that cost with time investment. A $25k remodel project could be as little as $16k if you go DIY.

Now, the downside of a DIY solid wood kitchen remodel project is that the time it takes you to get the thing done may be much longer. If you’re doing all the work yourself, what would take a set of skilled contractors a few weeks could take you several months to a year. Even so, what you lose in time you gain in asset retention; so such an approach does have benefits.

The Value Of Wood Cabinets In Your Kitchen

When all is said and done, your wisest move will be to sit down, take stock of the kitchen you have, take stock of the kitchen you want, and determine what available options best fit your proclivities.

Solid wood cabinetry retains structural stability, value, and aesthetic appeal over the long-term, making this approach quite recommendable. Is it always the best move? Not 100% of the time. But for the majority of kitchens that the majority of homeowners own, going the wood route is cost-effective and will expand home value.


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How to Start a Photography Business and Keep It Going

  • January 6, 2020

How to Start a Photography Business and Keep It Going

Do you take stellar pictures? If so, perhaps it’s time to turn your hobby into a money-making gig. We briefly walk you through how to start a photography business and keep it going.

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3 Tips To Help You Determine If An Apartment Is Worth The Rent

One of the largest monthly expenses that the average person has to pay is for their housing. Ideally, you shouldn’t be paying a huge percentage of your monthly income toward your housing costs. But even if you’re within a good range, it’s still possible that you’re paying too much for your rent or that you’re not getting what you should be for the amount of money you’re paying for your rental property. So to help you know if what you’re being charged is fair, here are three tips to help you determine if an apartment is worth the rent.

Ask Around The Neighborhood

Whether you’re considering moving into a new place or you’re wondering about the rent you’re currently paying, it’s a good idea to find out some information about what the other people in your area are paying by asking them. Especially if you’re living in an apartment, you can likely find someone who has a property with the same stats as yours, which makes drawing comparisons very easy. According to Ron Leshnower, a contributor to The Spruce, as long as you speak to one of your neighbors who has essentially the same sized home you do, you should be being charged about the same amount for rent. If there are big discrepancies, it might be cause for concern.

Consider The Amenities

Something that can make any property worth more or less is the amount or quality of amenities that are available as part of your rental agreement. Some of the amenities that could make an apartment worth more, according to Trulia and, include a fitness center, doorman, additional storage, Wi-Fi, on-site parking and more. So if the perks for living in a certain place are considerable, it’s likely that the rent amount will reflect that by being higher than it otherwise would just for the space alone.

Weigh The Location Versus Your Needs

If you’re wanting to get an apartment in a very desirable area, you can expect to pay a rental price that will match. When a property is in an area that people want to live, the landlord can afford to ask for a much higher rent, even if the property itself isn’t ideal. According to Jacqueline Curtis, a contributor to Money Crashers, if the apartment is near public transportation, has a great view, is in a safe neighborhood, or is in a particularly convenient location, rent prices will likely be high, even for a small space.

If you’re trying to decide whether or not an apartment is worth the price of rent, consider using the variables mentioned above to help you determine whether or not a property is worth the financial investment for you and your needs.

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5 Kitchen Islands That Will Make You Say Wow

kitchen islands

When we're entertaining, the focal point is usually where the food is served.  Chances are that is your kitchen island.

We all want a kitchen island that pops and wows everyone that comes into our home.  I complied a few of the best kitchen islands that you can use as ideas for your next home renovation project.

Use these for inspiration for your next project or save them for a friend who could use them.  Check them out and let us know what you think!

A Few Quick Things Before Diving In ...

Looking for other DIY projects?  Check out our DIY whiteboard tutorials, basement ideas, and fall decorations.  They are sure to spark some creativity for other spots in your home.

Also, any serious DIY'er needs the right tools.  Our article on the 7 must have DIY tools is essential reading.  You can also head over to Amazon to get the basic tools needed for any project.

OK, let's get back to it!

5 Kitchen Islands That You Need To See Right Now

DIY Kitchen Island with Trash Storage

Found from Shades of Blue Interiors

kitchen island

From Buffet to Rustic Kitchen Island

Found from Hometalk | Roni's Rescued Relics

kitchen island

Need Kitchen Storage? Make a Kitchen Island From A Dresser!

Found from Vanessa's Modern Vintage Home

kitchen island

Thrift Store Cabinet Turned Kitchen Island

Found from At Charlotte's House

kitchen island

DIY Rustic Buffet Table That Can Double As a Kitchen Island

Found from Home Made By Carmona

kitchen island

Which Kitchen Island Do You Like Best?

I know redesigning a kitchen is a lot of work.  I hope that some of these designs for your next kitchen island get you thinking.

Either way, realize with these examples of great kitchen islands that a beautiful kitchen is possible on a budget.  As with anything else, it takes time and dedication.  Save the money, acquire the skills, and get the help and advice you need.

So, readers, what redesigns and renovations do you have going on?  Do one of these kitchen islands fit your style?

Let us know in the comments -- and share these kitchen island designs on Facebook and Pinterest.  Make sure to show some love to the content creators as well!  Happy DIY-ing!

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These Basement Remodels Will Make You Want To Start Yours Now

Are you ready to tackle a basement remodel?

As I write this, we are currently redoing our basement.  It's sure been a process.  It started as a project strictly for my father-in-law and me.  But, as we soon realized how big it truly would be, we hired some contractors to help us do larger parts of the job.

To help you avoid some of the hassles we had and give you some frugal ideas for your basement remodel, check out the resources below.  Let us know what you think!

Before You Begin ...

Check out some items you may need below as well as other resources for any DIY basement remodel project:

5 Of The Best DIY Basement Remodel Ideas

For The Movie Buff and Sports Fans -- Here's Your Home Theater!

Found from Perfectly Imperfect

basement remodel

Got Kids?  Please Don't Overdo It On The Floors!

Found from GreatMats on Amazon | Simply Home

basement remodel

DIY Beadboard Ceiling To Replace a Basement Drop Ceiling

Found from Remodelaholic

basement remodel

Create A DIY Pallet Accent Wall in Your Basement

Found from Cape 27

basement remodel

Awesome Way to Protect Your Walls -- And Have A Dart Board!

Found from Imgur

basement remodel

Ready to Tackle Your Basement Remodel?

I know there is a lot to consider when you undertake a basement remodel.  But, don't be afraid to try to do some of these things yourself.

Yes, there will be a learning curve. There's no doubt about that.  However, you will learn lessons that can serve you for the rest of your life -- and pass those skills onto your children.

So, have tackled a basement remodel?  If so, or you're considering it, tell us about it.  Share this article with your friends on Facebook and Pinterest!

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