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Can You Retire in a Crisis?

  • June 22, 2020

Retire in a Crisis

The reality is that you don’t often know what is going to come your way. It can be overwhelming at times when things are on a downward path for a while. That’s even more true in your later stage of life when you’re considering retiring but aren’t sure if it’s possible because of the current financial picture. If you’re wondering whether you can retire in a crisis or not, here are the details to consider in order to make a decision that’s right for you and your partner if you have one.

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How To Pay for a Health Care Emergency After Losing Your Job

  • June 11, 2020

How To Pay for a Health Care Emergency After Losing Your Job

Suffering with a health care emergency after losing your job?

The current global pandemic is a crisis that has hit the world's health care system and its economies. Millions of people have had to stop working due to the fact that coronavirus is so contagious. While staying home is an effective way to slow the spread of the virus, it will leave many people without jobs.

Most people in the nation have their health insurance through work, leaving them scrambling for coverage during the epidemic. Here are some ways to manage the costs of a health emergency after losing your job.

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Why is the Euro Stronger Than the US Dollar? 

Why is Euro Stronger Than US Dollar

Is the Euro stronger than the US dollar?

The tussle between currencies is a well-known affair. Due to varying reasons, say economic boost, political shift, or any unforeseen circumstances, the currency of the nation witnesses a dip or arise. Investing capital in the Forex has always been in trend. With the accompanying risk, there's an enormous opportunity for growth and profit.

Amidst all the discussions and speculation, there has been a constant query or a point of curiosity that, despite the U.S. being a superpower has its currency undervalued than that of the European Union, though both are few of the strongest currencies across the globe. We are here to find the origin, journey, and the mystery behind this fact. So let's get down to the basics.

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How To Make Money: 2020 Guide

how to make money if you have a disability

Do you want to learn how to make money? I'm not just talking about from your job. I'm talking about a side business or side hustle.

You can make money doing these things online, from home, and even with an injury or disability. After all, it's tough out there. We all need ways to bring in more income and we want to know how to make money fast.

Consider Steve Chou from My Wife Quit Her Job. He and his wife, Jennifer, started a few online businesses generating six figures. There first was an online store.

This was all centered around Steve's desire to learn how to make money (and more of it) to support their lifestyle so his wife could stay at home with their children. She was making six figures from her and losing that would be quite the blow.

In all honesty, that is part of the reason I started this blog. I wanted to allow my wife to stay at home with our son (and now daughter as well). It wasn't a decision we took lightly, but learning ways to make more money online has helped ease the financial pressure significantly.

We explore how to make money online (and offline) today based on research of my own and contributions from others. I hope you enjoy it and let us know if you have any questions.

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5 Ways in Which Parents Could Lessen the Financial Burden of College

  • May 30, 2020

5 Ways in Which Parents Could Lessen the Financial Burden of College Many parents worry about how they’ll help their child financially in college. While college is now more important than ever, it has become more and more expensive, and many parents have multiple children who go to college. This means you’ll no doubt be looking for ways to ease the financial burden. Here are some ways in which you can cut costs when your child goes to college. 1.	Consider letting your child stay at home  While your teenager may be looking for the full college experience, the truth is, campus living comes with a big price tag. The average cost of room and board at college is around $8k for a public school, but this is higher for private schools, especially the more prestigious colleges. If it’s possible for your kid to live with you, it could slash the cost of college. 2.	Look at community college  Many people get a little sniffy about community college. However, it can be a good way to slash the cost of college fees. Your child would do two years at community college (which tends to be inexpensive) then they transfer their credits to a regular college before completing the last two years there. Community college costs under $4k a year on average, so when compared to other college fees, it’s a bargain. Just check that the college your child wants to attend eventually will take these credits. 3.	Encourage your child to go for scholarships  There are many scholarships out there for those with different talents, athletic abilities, academic achievements, and more, so make sure your child doesn’t miss out. For example, your child could start looking for basketball scholarships—or other awards they want to apply for—as soon as possible, as the process can be long, and they often have to complete tasks such as writing an essay. 4.	Claim tax benefits Whether you pay your child a lump sum for college, pay their tuition, or give them money throughout their education, you should make sure you claim the correct tax credits in order to make the most of your money. For example, the American Opportunity tax credit can be claimed for more than one child who you are supporting, so make sure you are making the most of all tax breaks. 5.	Try to encourage them to graduate in four years Nobody wants to support their child for years and years through college, but once they hit the four-year mark, if they haven’t graduated, they may not make it to the finish line. Only 41% of students at four-year colleges graduate within the four-year timeframe, so if you want to avoid paying many years of fees, encourage your child to: •	Focus on their studies and not work too many hours at their part-time job •	Check they are taking enough credits to graduate on time •	Encourage them to stay focused on the major they’ve chosen, rather than switching and picking random courses •	Make sure they’re spending enough time on studying and not leaving it to the last minute While college can be a big financial burden for parents, it can help your child get on the right path and opens up many opportunities for the future. There are a few ways in which you can make college less expensive, which is great news for those who have more than one child to support through school.

Are you trying to lessen the financial burden of college for your child?

Many parents worry about how they’ll help their child financially in college. While college is now more important than ever, it has become more and more expensive, and many parents have multiple children who go to college. This means you’ll no doubt be looking for ways to ease the financial burden. Here are some ways in which you can cut costs when your child goes to college.

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4 Financial Tips for Newly Married Couples

4 Financial Tips for Newly Married Couples

First comes love, then comes marriage—then comes organizing your new life together. From creating joint bank accounts to perfecting your life plan, there are a lot of details that require your attention after your wedding day. Your finances make up a big part of that, as you create budgets, retirement funds, and other money management plans together. It doesn’t have to be stressful, though. Whether you’re preparing ahead of the big day or just now getting back to reality after your honeymoon, you can build your happily ever after with these financial tips for newly married couples.Read more

How To Stop Worrying About Money Once And For All

Do you want to stop worrying about money?

Life, it would seem to be, is one big roller coaster ride. You have the amazing highs, the climb up to the biggest points, the great life situations that have you beaming from one side of your face to the other. This could be money coming into your life, promotions in your job, starting a family, getting married, life-changing moments for sure. Read more

3 Frugal Living Hacks You Need To Know

frugal living

Looking for some frugal living tips?

Living comfortably is one of the goals that everyone seeks, but few manage to safely reach. Also known as having financial freedom, it’s difficult to live comfortably especially if you’re having trouble with your finances in the first place. For instance, if you don’t think that you have enough income or if you think your commitments are costing you too much money, then it’s easy to think that you’ll never live a comfortable life without going frugal.

But is frugality the ultimate answer to all our money woes, or is it a myth that people chase? Let’s delve into a couple of points to help explain it in better detail.Read more

Survival After A Pay Cut: How Online Payday Loans For Bad Credit Can Help

Survival After A Pay Cut

The repercussions of COVID-19 are widespread and employees across the globe have lost their jobs. The more fortunate ones have been retained by their employers but pay cuts are the new normal. In such a situation, your monthly budget is more than likely to get disrupted. Pay cuts mean that you have a smaller income while the expenses are only growing.

Survival after a pay cut is a concern for one and all, more so if you have a bad credit score because borrowing will be tougher than you think. Still, you can look for an online payday loan as an option to pay your bills on time. If you are interested to see the payday loans online for bad credit and understand how they work, we can help. Here are some ways these loans can serve as the best survival strategy for managing your finances after a pay cut.

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3 Home Warranty Tips That Will Make You More Informed

  • May 12, 2020

home warranty tips

Hey Run The Money fans, this post is sponsored by Alon over at Review Home Warranties.  I'm sure you will find it informational and valuable for your next home purchase.


Buying a home is likely the largest purchase any of us will ever make. When my wife and I were in the real estate game, we did our best to educate our buyers of all the benefits involved in the transaction.  One of those benefits is when the seller includes a home warranty to help cover repair and maintenance costs.

That’s what I want to talk to you about today. Below you will find the basics involved in what home warranties can do for you as a homeowner.  Also, you will understand why even if the seller of your next home doesn’t include one, it might be in your best interest to purchase one for yourself anyway.Read more