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This Is Why All Life Coaches Must Have A Blog

This Is Why All Life Coaches Must Have A Blog

Are you a life coach? Do you blog?

No matter if you're a seasoned life coach or you're just starting out, you need to have an established online presence to showcase your expertise. If you're not communicating with potential clients in some way online, you are truly missing out on thousands of dollars of income per week, per month, and per year!

Before I continue on, I already know what some of you are thinking. But, Dave, I'm in Facebook groups, I tweet, I engage on LinkedIn, and I comment on websites. Isn't that enough?

I wish I could say yes. I'm sure you and others do well by only focusing on social media and other sites. But, it's not enough just to post a message here and there and call it lead generation. You need to be much more proactive

Quite frankly -- you need to be a content creator. And the easiest way to get started is with your own blog.

Let's explore the reasons why you as a life coach need a blog. Then, I'll share with you a way you can get started today.

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Good Debt vs Bad Debt: The Differences Between the Two

good debt vs bad debt

Let's get something straight: not all debt is created equal.  There is good debt, which gives you an opportunity to make money and there is bad debt, which you continue to dump money into with no expectation for return.  While the differences can be subtle, anybody trying to become more financially literate must know the fundamentals behind good debt vs bad debt.

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This Is Why You Want To Be A Non-Conformist

be a non-conformist kevin hong

Do you consider yourself a non-conformist? If not, do you have the desire to be a non-conformist?

Either way, according to Kevin Hong, author of The Outlier Approach: How to Triumph in Your Career As a Nonconformist, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Kevin shares his personal experiences and those of others he interviewed to help us moved beyond the status quo.

I had a chance to talk to Kevin and I think you will be interested in what he has to say. His wealth of knowledge and experience can go a long way into helping you build a better life and legacy for your family.

And, now here's Kevin.

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3 Side Hustles That Will Help You Make An Extra $1,000

  • March 30, 2018

side hustles that will help you an make an extra $1,000

Are you the type of person that always needs to have a project? Yeah, I am too.

I've dabbled in different side hustles for about a decade, but have always favored the blogging and content creation space. Perhaps, you've had a similar experience.

What I can tell you is the sense of freedom and control that a side hustle gives you. This particular blog you're reading brings in about $2,000 per month for my family. It paid for Christmas presents last year, helped us pay off debt, and allowed us to pad our savings.

Frankly, it's been nothing short of a Godsend.

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5 Awesome Ways You Can Save Money On Date Night

awesome ways you can save money on date night

The Hooch app helps millennial parents save money and have a great date night out!

Humor me with this parenting revelation for a second. If you're a parent to a toddler and newborn like my wife and I are, you likely don't get much time to yourself.

So, when the time comes for a date night every leap year, you want to make it a night to remember. After all, you need something to get you through the sleepless nights and spit up.

The folks at Hooch understand this and they're helping millennial parents make date night great again. Not only can you save money on date night, but you can have an amazing time doing it.

They were kind enough to give us some more information on the app and why it's the perfect option for millennial parents looking for a great night out.

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7 Vacation Rental Money Making Secrets You Should Know

  • March 28, 2018

Vacation Rental Money Making Secrets You Should Know

Do you have a second home? How would you like to use it to bring in more money?

Well, you can -- and it's not as hard as you think. I had the chance to speak with Vacasa COO Bob Milne about how the company is helping people turn their second homes into rental income. I think you're going to be interested in what he has to say.

After all, it's better to make some extra money to pay down the home, pay the taxes, pad your savings, or take the family on vacation. Stop wasting time and turn you second home into a real asset!

Quick Facts on Vacasa

  • Vacasa provides "end-to-end service for second homeowners."
  • They help owners make money on an "under-utilized asset."
  • Second homeowners can still take advantage of tax benefits.

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5 Millennial Money Facts That Will Make You Say OMG

millennial money facts that will make you say omg

Are you in violation of these millennial money mix-ups? You might want to take a few minutes and find out.

It's always amazing to me how little people know about money. Now, I'm not about to get on my soap box here, but it's incredibly worrisome that many of us fail to have even the basics down.

I've said this before, but humor me here. I know people who didn't start investing in their companies' retirement programs (and they matched) until their late 20s or early 30s. I know people who have used their homes as ATMs and delayed their retirement for years because of it. And, of course, my family is guilty of buying too much house which forced us to downsize.

So, it's no surprise then to see how poorly millennials and recent college graduates are doing with money. They have student loans. They haven't planned for the future. They can't buy a house. Sure, these are generalizations I know. But, there is often some truth it and we need to find a way to correct it.

As a side note, I do love seeing stories that showcase members of Gen Z buying homes and Gen Y having money saved for retirement. It's definitely an encouraging trend and one to monitor going forward.

However, based on this new study from Laurel Road, we have a lot of work to do. Checkout what I highlighted from the study below. See if you're guilty of these financial sins!

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What You Need To Know To Get A Remote Job

  • March 9, 2018

If you've clicked on this article, you're obviously interested in a remote position and the chance to work from home. I'm also going to assume you don't work from home yet, you have a job that doesn't allow it, or you're one of the unlucky ones who aren't offered the privilege to work from home.

It can be frustrating.

After all, you're trying to craft a lifestyle for you and your family. You don't want to be married to your work -- and be a slave to the day job. Totally get it.

But, work at home jobs are scams you find on Craig's List, right? Or they're at least incredibly difficult to find, correct?

Wrong. And wrong again.

It is possible to work from home and find that dream remote job. Fortunately, I had the chance to pick the brain of Brie Reynolds, who just happens to be the Senior Career Specialist at FlexJobs. She spoke about the 14 most common remote jobs (and how much they pay) along with FlexJobs' free guide for finding a remote job.

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5 Ways To Make Money Fast For Your Family

  • February 22, 2018

Today, we have a great contributed post on family finances. Do you need to make money fast for your family? Here are some great tips to do just that. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

make money fast for your family

If your finances are in worse shape than you imagined, you might need to think about raising some emergency cash to cover your living costs and invest into your business. Whether you are facing a higher than expected tax bill, or need to pay for a car repair, you can avoid getting into debt and raise money fast.

Below you will find a few tips on getting more cash when you need it most.

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How To Make More Money For Your Family With A Blog

How to make more money for your family with a blog

Look, I know trying to bring in extra money for your family is no small feat. When we went from a two-income household down to a one-income household, the transition really put a strange on our finances and our marriage.

We had to make the incredibly difficult decision to sell our dream home and leave the expensive area we loved. It wasn't easy, but it became a necessity since we decided to have my wife stay at home with our son.

Since making the commitment, we began to thrive. However, it was slow process. We had to pay off $30,000 in credit card debt ... then another $10,000 after that. We kept thinking we could live our old lifestyle of eating out and buying whatever we wanted, but that wasn't sustainable.

We had to downsize our lifestyle just like we downsized our income.

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